Women’s Shoe Styles Defined

Enclopedia of Women's Shoes

La Clé Privée tweeted out this Encyclopedia of Women’s Shoes that defines the various styles of shoes. It’s funny how some brand names (ie Crocs, Uggs, etc) become iconic names of shoes. I guess it’s kind of like calling Puffs tissues “Kleenex”.  Can’t say I’ve ever heard of “Lita” or “Monk” shoes. And I would’ve labeled the “Jelly” as flats. Otherwise, nice compilation!

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3 thoughts on “Women’s Shoe Styles Defined

  1. Huh. Yeah, I’m with you about the “jellies”, I would definitely have called them flats. Who knew there were so many different categories of shoe types? There area lot of these that I’ve seen stores but had no idea what to call them.

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