Converse Shoes: Current Must Have Styles and Trends From Converse

converse sneakers
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Here’s a recap of all the cool styles, new colors, and fresh patterns from Converse Shoes in 2021.

Converse shoes are timeless classics. Born from shoemaking minds in the early 1900s, Converse shoes have been made for and worn for everything from basketball, to military occasions, to everyday casual wear. In 2021, Converse is still innovating, with tons of styles, new colors, and amazing new patterns to help connect to modern audiences and the classic Chuck Taylor Conversewearers of years gone by. If you’re curious about some of the new styles and trends coming out of Converse right now, here’s a quick roundup with everything you need to know.

Converse High Tops

Converse’s style offerings include many of the classic Converse shoes you grew up with, but the company has also evolved to offer new, trendy styles as well. One classic style that will always fly off the shelves of big name shoe stores and mom and pop shops alike is the original Converse high tops. Converse’s high top styles come in both solid colors and prints, and are an everyday essential for all people, young and old.



Converse Low Tops

Another classic Converse style that will always be in fashion is the low top variety. These canvas shoes have a slimmer, lower silhouette than the high tops, and can be worn as a casual shoe with almost any outfit.



Converse Platforms

A fairly new Converse style that is now coming to the scene is Converse platforms. These platforms come in both high top and low top styles, and feature a lifted sole to give your Converse sneakers a bit more height. This is a great way to incorporate a timeless shoe into your wardrobe while also giving the, a unique, trendy look.



Converse Floral and Converse Hearts

Converse is always innovating to bring their customers new Converse floral print editions and exciting new colorways across all their shoe styles. The new arrivals section on Converse is a great place to start if you’re looking for fresh ways to incorporate Converse sneakers into your closet. From fall florals and muted mustards to bold tie dye and lug sole sneakers, the new arrivals page is your one stop shop to finding the best new thing in sneakers.



Converse Colors

If you’re looking for that great new color of Converse sneakers to help bring your shoe game up to the next level, you can always see the whole catalog of colors on the Converse website.

Converse Back to College Limited Edition Sneakers

Converse is also coming in just in time with their Back to College sneaker styles with university logos. You can find your school in the listings and show up to class for your first week beaming with school pride. These sneakers are also great for game days and homecoming events!

Converse Customizations

Converse is expanding their offerings even more by putting the control in your hands. You can customize your own pair of Converse shoes online on Converse.com. Choose from high and low top styles, platform styles, and many different colors and patterns for a unique look that’s just for you.

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