Old Gringo Leopardito Boots & Mules

Now, I’m not a big fan of cowboy boots, but if I were able to get some free NFR Tickets, I’d definitely be willing to attend the National Finals Rodeo coming in December to Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’d actually consider wearing cowboy boots!

Old Gringo Leopardito Womens Boots

So I decided to “zapp.me” some “cowboy boots“, and I scoped out these Old Gringo Leopardito Cowboy Boots, as they combine my love of animal prints and my favorite color of pink. Available from Amazon and Zappos.com.

Part cowgirl, part fashionista, these leopard print boots are the perfect addition to your wardrobe! Dual pull on straps. Distressed leopard print toe and upper. Leather lined. 1 1/2″ heel.

Ok, now I got distracted because Old Gringo makes mules, too….

Now I would definitely wear these Old Gringo Leopardito Mules (remember brown mules are my absolute favorite shoes), available from Zappos.com as well for $289.95 with free shipping.

Show off your wild side in these cute leopard print mules. Distressed leather upper for a great weathered look. Leather lined. “Scratched” leather outsoles and heel. Tip of the heel has added rubber for slip-resistance. 2 1/4″ heel.

*Old Gringo boots go through a 130 step handmade production process. Old Gringo also develops and tans its own leathers and textures to make sure the end result is a super high quality product. No wonder they are so expensive!

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