Enzo Angiolini Liberty Flats

Enzo Angiolini Women's Liberty Flat

Andrea (my favorite shoe PR rep) announced that the  #1 shoe  sold from Maryland Square is the  Enzo Angiolini Liberty Flat which is available in extended sizes (ie ranging from 4AA to 13EE).   Gals who buy this stylish and versatile leather slip-on loafer love them so much that they come back and buy them in every color… and this shoe comes in eighteen (yes, 18) different colors! Colors available include Black, Periwinkle, Camel, Copper, Grey, Plum, Lime, Navy, White, Peony, Bronze, Brown, Chili, Yellow, Light Blue, Bone, Sandalwood and Black embossed.  

So give me Liberty or give meEnzo Angiolini Women’s Liberty Flats available from MarylandSquare.com

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