3 Fall Boots Fashion Trends for Women

Fall Boots Fashion
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The fall is here and with it comes the maddening times of donning up your legs with the stylish shoes that make a mark during the fall fashion seasons. But what are the shoes that you should be looking out for? Well, you have nothing to worry and thank your lucky stars that this piece comes to every woman who wants to find out what are the top 3 designs that they can sport this fall season on their legs:

1. Ankle High Boots

The ankle high boots have been taking the fall fashion seasons with storm as it has been seen as the designer’s favorite footwear in almost all the leading fashion shows around the world. The best thing about the ankle high shoes is the fact that you can easily get it in numerous forms ranging from sporty looking cowgirl boots to the more feminine looking ones.

The ankle high boots for women in the fall fashion series also comes in various colors and you can always choose one that will match your wear! You can mix and match the ankle high boots with other forms of warmer leggings which have been quite a vogue during this season.

Lucky Brand Women's Basel, Toffee, 9.5

2. Military Style Boots

Along with ankle high boots, another form of boots that have dominated the fashion shows all round the world is the military style boot. The military style boot will give you a feel of wearing the very sexy and attractive cowboy boots for women and you can rest assured you will be looking no less ravishingly feminine yet sporty when you put on these shoes.

You can wear the military style boots to evening events as well as to other sporty destinations which require boots of rugged nature. The numerous materials out of which the military style boots are made of along with the various colors that it is available in makes it such a hot purchase favorite for women.

DailyShoes Women's Ankle Boots Combat Booties Low Heel Lace Up Zipper Pocket Exclusive Credit Card Bootie Susan-01 Black Pu 6.5

3. Above Knee Boots

The above the knee boots have always been a sexually attractive factor for both men and women alike and this is why it makes to the top of the most admired shoes for women during the fall of 2012-13. The above the knee boots are available in any color that might catch your fancy, though nothing beats black, and the fact that you can get it made from a plethora of materials from leather to synthetic makes it such a popular choice.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Stretch_High Black Thigh High Block Heel Over The Knee Boots Size 9.5 B(M) US

The best thing about these boots is the fact that it will be the perfect wear for your office when you hide it under the trousers and then take off the trousers and don a short dress to set the dance floor on fire at night! Now that is some serious amount of multiple usages!

Boots have always been the guilty pleasure for women and the shopping sin that most you must be suffering from! Well, the time is here to indulge you a bit more into it and go ahead and get hold of one of these 3 shoes!

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