How To Wear Rain Boots

how to wear rain boots with jeans
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The quickest way to ruin a good outfit is a rainy day. As cute as suede boots and loafers can be, they just weren’t made to withstand inclement weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter, college student, or simply a rainy day enthusiast; you need a pair in your closet. Owning rain boots will help ensure a longer life for your more professional shoes and keep your socks nice and dry. The rain boots we selected prove that there are many ways to look stylish AND defend against puddles.

Should you wear socks with rain boots?

Yes, you should wear socks with rain boots. When wearing rain boots, you’ll want to wear socks because rain boots tend to slide back and forth, which can cause blisters. Wearing socks also helps keep feet warm and dry, preventing the bacteria that cause stinky feet. Try to avoid no-show or ankle socks, and instead, look for socks with a firm ankle grip. This will help the sock from falling down and feeling uncomfortable.

UGG Women's Sienna Short Rainboot Sock, Black, O/S

Should you size up in rain boots?

While every brand fits differently, rain boots generally tend to run larger than an everyday shoe, and most are only available in whole sizes. Before determining your size, it’s best to read the reviews and decide which type of socks you’ll be wearing. It is easier to have a rain boot fit slightly bigger, as you can use extra padding to achieve the correct size.

Joules Women's Molly Welly Rain Boot, French Navy spot, 5 Medium UK (7 US)

How do you wear short rain boots?

Short rain boots are perfect for running around town during chilly fall days. When creating looks using short rain boots, think of styling them like you would a classic bootie. They will look best when the top of the shoe is exposed and not scrunched under a large pant.

Joules New Women's Wellibob Short Rain Boot Black Metallic Bees 7

Look One – Tailored Look

If you want to make your short rain boots or duck boots look more professional, try pairing them with a collared shirt, layered with a sweater, and skinny jeans. Look for sweaters that flow longer than your belt loop and avoid tucking; that will help even out your silhouette. Opting for ankle-length jeans looks cleaner because they end right when the bootie begins, which looks more streamlined. You can also achieve this by wearing slightly taller ankle boots that hide the bottom of the skinny jeans, creating the illusion of an elongated leg.

Try these rainboots by Merry People.

The brand’s mission is to create attractive rubber boots that are suitable for nature and the office. The Bobbi Rainboot comes in various colors, and it is made with 100% natural rubber. They have thousands of five-star reviews and are completely waterproof. Merry People’s minimalist, high-quality design makes them fashionable and versatile.

Look Two- Boho Style

Want a more casual fall look? Try pairing your short ankle boots with a long flowing skirt, fitted sweater, and a cropped jacket. Look for flowing skirts that hit just above the ankle so that you’re not dragging it along with you in the puddles. This look gives off a very feminine romantic vibe that works for all types of outdoor actives like apple picking and holiday photoshoots.

These UGG Chevonne rainboots provide just the right height while remaining functional. Their mixed fabric construction design makes them just unique enough to be an excellent option for many styles. Plus, they come complete with UGG’s famous sheepskin insole to keep you warm and toasty.

How do you wear tall rain boots?

An oldie but goodie, tall rain boots are the type most of us had growing up. Luckily they are not just big, yellow, and rubber anymore (Unless you like them that way). Tall rain boots are sometimes hard to style because they can come off as very uniform, think haunted fisherman. No worries, we have two different ways you can style your tall rain boots for everyday wear so that you feel stylish and able to withstand all weather surprises.

Hunter Women's Original Tall Black Rain Boots - 10 B(M) US

Look One- Casual Style

The pandemic changed fashion forever, and most of us dress a little more comfortably than we used to. Wearing leggings and jeans to the office is commonplace, and many of us complete our daily activities in athleisure. To achieve this cool athletic look- try pairing your tall rainboots with leggings, a hoodie, and a layered puffy vest.

This outfit is a celebrity favorite. Try it yourself using Hunter wellington designs high-quality rain boots and has been offering its original style since 1956. The Woman’s Original Tall Rain Boots are made from 28 hand-crafted parts and can be worn extensively for many seasons. As we stated before, wearing socks with rainboots ensures that your feet stay warm and dry. Along with designing great shoes, Hunter creates matching socks that prevent blisters and keep you from getting wet. The socks also fold over the boot to show a pop of color while protecting your pants from contact.

Look Two- Make a Statement

As you can see from our picks above, rain boots nowadays come in many neutral and versatile patterns. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find rain boots that exude the vibrant colors of the past. If you’re someone who likes to mix things up, getting a pair of colorful rain boots are a great way to brighten any day.

When wearing rain boots with a distinct pattern, try to make your outfit one color and include one matching accessory to the shoes. This will help ensure a cohesive look while giving your rain boots their chance to shine. If you’re looking for a fun, irreverent pair of rain boots, try Joules.

Joules Women's Molly Welly Rain Boot, Black Floral 1, 8

Joule’s Wellies are known for embracing their country origins by putting different symbols and colors all over their shoes. Their prints are hand-drawn, inspired by the English countryside, and are meant to elicit happiness from the wearer. Our favorite is the Navy Stars pattern, which captures the brand’s image and doubles as an instant conversation piece.

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