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Find Comfortable Boots

How to Find Comfortable Boots

Women’s boots, when purchased, can often be stiff and uncomfortable. For many women, they are not willing to get past the initial discomfort and give …

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Cowboy Boots Favorite Outfits

How to Wear Cowboy Boots With Your Favorite Outfits

Contrary to what some may believe, cowboy boots can be worn with more than a plaid button-down shirt and dusty jeans. They also can be …

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Buying-Your-First Hiking-Boots
Athletic Shoes

The Complete Guide To Buying Your First Pair of Hiking Boots

A great hike begins with a great pair of hiking boots. With the dizzying array of options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by …

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Looks With Cowboy Boots

5 Surprisingly Stylish Looks With Cowboy Boots

The traditional cowboy boot has been a style that has remained relevant since it’s inception in the late 1800s. Originally a garment designed for function, …

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Fall Boots Fashion

3 Fall Boots Fashion Trends for Women

The fall is here and with it comes the maddening times of donning up your legs with the stylish shoes that make a mark during …

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Gipsy Dharma boots

Unique Handmade Boots at Gipsy Dharma

When looking for just “the right” boot, most women have three simple wishes: comfortable, stylish and affordable. Sometimes finding the right combination of these three …

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