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Shoe Tips for Chefs Kitchen Workers
Shoe Tips

7 Shoe Shopping Tips for Chefs and Kitchen Workers

Along with all the chopping, cutting, marinating, cooking, sautéing, tasting and presenting, your clothing and footwear choices are essential to your level of success as …

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Athletic Shoes

The Must Have Pair of Gucci Sneakers

Screener GG Original Sneakers If you’re a Gucci fanatic, you’ll love these vintage-chic men’s and now (women’s and kids) sneakers! Adorned with the signature Gucci …

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Shoe Buying Mistakes
Q & A

Shoe Buying Mistakes We Should All Avoid

We’ve all done it – seen a pair of shoes that look divine but that we never actually wear once we’ve purchased them, or trying …

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Comfortable Open Toe Heels
Peep Toe

How to Make Open Toe Heels Comfortable

Are you in the market for some new shoes? Perhaps a pair of open-toe heels? If so, then we have your answer! It’s possible to …

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rhinestone sandals

Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Pair of Rhinestone Sandals

The right pair of rhinestone sandals is one that matches your personality! They should reflect your personality and be perfect for the occasion; otherwise, you …

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Workout Shoes

How To Choose The Perfect Workout Shoes

The human body is a moving chain. The feet are the foundation of this chain. If anything goes wrong with your feet, the problem would …

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