student shoes

7 Types of Shoes Every Student Prefers to Wear

We all know that being a student means living on a tight budget. However, we also know that every now and then, every student deserves a noteworthy present. Whether you’ve done great on your finals and want to congratulate yourself, or you are simply in search of “that extraordinary pair of shoes you won’t ever […]

Why Wearing Heels May be Good for Your Health

Why Wearing Heels May be Good for Your Health

We’ve all heard the litany of reasons we shouldn’t wear high heels. From articles in magazines to an excellent old lecture from your grandmother, the disadvantages are made clear. But when you see them in the magazines, or you pass someone wearing a gorgeous pair on the street, you have to have them. You can […]

Pink Socks

Occasions, Conditions and Shoes That Call for Specialty Socks

Here at Shoeaholics Anonymous we talk a lot about shoes. A lot.  But there’s another related article of clothing that we tend to neglect. I’m talking about socks. Some shoes need socks – period. And some, like sandals, should never be donned with socks (although ancient Egyptians sometimes did). Everyone wears socks from an early […]

Work Boots

5 Steps to Getting the Perfect Work Boot Fit

People in wide range of different fields of put on work boots on a daily basis as  part of their job. If you are going to be wearing one pair of boots all day, moving around, you need to be comfortable. This means that every year you may need to buy new work boats to […]

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