Yep, More Chinese Laundry Boots

Gossip Girl Serena in Grey Boots  Chinese Laundry Strate Boots in ash grey

Do you watch Gossip Girl? If so, you’ll know that  Blake Lively (aka Serena) picked up  a pair of  Chinese Laundry Strate Boots in ash grey  from DSW and  has worn  them on every episode this season. Since then, that boot has become one of the most popular boots on the planet and is hard to find! And that’s where we come in…

Chinese Laundry Strate Boots are available from  ($99 in Dark Brown & Black)  This boot offers the perfect combination of fashion and function. Show off the pleated upper and shaft to create the perfect fall look. Shaft Height is 21″. The ash grey color is currently sold out of most sizes. The sister style “Top” boot will be available in ash grey after 11/25/07.    Approx. 1/2 inch” heel.

Chinese Laundry Women’s Strate Over the Knee Flat Boot in Ash Grey  $99.95 at (sorry, size 6.5 only)

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10 thoughts on “Yep, More Chinese Laundry Boots

  1. oh my god i love these boots! i bought a pair in black and i just found out today that blake wore them in gossip girl! i watch the show but i never really noticed!

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