Eco-friendly Shoes Made from Cannabis Hemp Fibers

Eco-friendly Shoes Made from Cannabis
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The shoe industry has seen an increase in designs and notable brands in the recent past. Air Jordan releases and other well-known shoe fashion events are still something to look forward to, but now there are other exciting developments. One of these developments is the recent manufacture of shoes from cannabis hemp fibers.

Most people probably know cannabis and industrial hemp for their supplements marketed on American Marijuana and other such platforms. Hemp has many other applications besides making health supplements. For example, its fiber can be used in the construction and fashion industries with terrific results. Usage of hemp fiber in the industry can now be seen in the manufacture of these high-quality, eco-friendly, and waterproof sneakers. Here are some benefits these shoes have to offer.


Making shoes using hemp today is a masterstroke as hemp has regained favor in modern times after being banned in many jurisdictions in the 1930s and 40s. Before these bans, it is said that Henry Ford made a car from hemp, which is six times stronger in bend resistance than steel. Even the hemp shoes are strong enough to last twice as long compared to other sneakers.

The ban on hemp was occasioned by the biological relationship between it and regular cannabis, which is psychoactive. Industrial hemp has been legalized on the strength of research that showed that it contains only trace elements of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. The legalization ushered it back in to be used even for other things such as making shoes, construction, etc. Having seen shoes made from hemp, we can predict with a good degree of certainty that we shall soon be seeing people matching shoes and bags made from hemp.


These shoes, which are known as DopeKicks, are not only comfortable to the user, but they are also made in an eco-friendly manner. The manufacturer doesn’t use any petroleum derivatives as raw materials. As a result, DopeKicks leave a carbon footprint that is 70%-90% less even compared to leather shoes. The manufacturer also ensures that the manufacturing process is vegan-friendly, thus maintaining social consciousness and providing a durable alternative to those who can’t wear leather shoes.

8000Kicks - The 1st waterproof hemp shoes

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The friendliness of these shoes to the environment goes beyond the fact that hemp is natural. It can also be seen that the process of growing hemp is not water and mineral intensive as other natural shoemaking materials. For instance, Hemp requires three times less water to grow than cotton, and it does not place nearly as much demand on the soil as cotton. The shoe soles are also made from recycled rubber.

Maintenance and Comfort

These shoes have many advantages, including the fact that they are easy to clean. Their waterproof membrane also keeps the feet of the wearer dry no matter where they go. This attribute makes the sneakers ideal for a person who likes spending time outdoors.

These shoes’ insoles regulate the temperature within the shoe, and they also are antifungal and antimicrobial, which ensures that your feet remain healthy at all times. 

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