Knock-off Uggs / Knockoff Ugg Boots

knockoff Ugg Boots
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With cold weather approaching, Ugg boots are all the rage. And I have three daughters who all want  their own  pair! Well, I found  some Ugg alternatives, with nice prices to boot (pun intended)!

knockoff Ugg Boots

Click here for an updated list of Knock-off Ugg Boots for Less from Overstock.

I also recommend Bearpaw boots as Ugg alternatives.

Bearpaw boots use real sheep fur and suede, just like Uggs, so they are probably the closest replica to Ugg boots you can get in terms of materials and quality for half the price of Uggs. Shop Bearpaw boots now!


If you don’t mind faux sheepskin and faux suede (meaning it’s not real and loved by vegans), you can score microfiber boots for under $20 that look like Ugg knock-off boots.


You can find Knockoff Ugg Boots for the best price on Amazon.

UGG Boots Look-A-Likes for Less

14 thoughts on “Knock-off Uggs / Knockoff Ugg Boots”

  1. Can I suggest the Kirkland Uff knock-offs that Costco sells? They’re A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! They’re beautifully made and genuine shearling!

    I was all set to buy real Uggs when I saw the Costco ones. I tried them on and was hooked so I bought two pairs!!

    But be warned – if you see them you have to buy them. If you wait for your next visit, there will be none left (I guarantee it).

  2. Did I mention that they cost all of $36!?!?! At that price you could buy every colour (although I didn’t much care for the black)

  3. Are the knock offs made of real sheepskin? If not, they make look the same, but I wonder if they will keep your feet as warm?

  4. I know that the BearPaw Suede Shearling Lined Boots do indeed feature shearling sheepskin lining. Not sure about the others listed.

  5. The Costco ones are genuine shearling sheepskin too! I honestly didn’t buy them just because they look like Uggs but more because they were so warm and comfortable at such a great price!!

    Like I said I was all good to go on a pair of Uggs so it would have taken something of great quality to change my mind.

  6. i wanted to get my daughter the Adi 12 inch knock off boots. Does anyone have them? If so are they like… good quality .. i guess?

  7. I love Ugg boots, but since they started manufacturing them in China, they’re not as well made or plush as they used to be. My store carries a line that is made in Australia from real Australian shearling. There are a lot of Aussie companies that have been making these boots for years. There is a definite difference in the product. Come check them out.

  8. knocked off uggs rock i am wearing them know i loooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee them mine are pink and zebra stripe

  9. Mr Uggs Outlet

    Although, I like the look of these alternative, I have to say that their is nothing like the originals.

  10. These genuine shearling boots at costco are GREAT!! I own 3 pairs of real UGGS$ from nordstroms, not some bogus online store, and they look 99.999% identical! The tan color is almost correct, but the chocolate is spot-on identical! Buy them when you see them- they will not be there the next day! I promise you, you will love them!

  11. i love the real Uggs better because it has real sheepskin in it and the fake ones do not even have the sheepskin to were your foot goes and the fake ones you have to wear socks with it and the real ones you do no not have to wear socks and i now because i have some!

  12. I recently moved to a colder city and needed some warmer boots for this winter, and these boots provide that warmth! I own two other pairs of UGGS in different styles and these in particular are really comfortable and super cute. These boots are worth the money! I say go ahead and treat yourself with something for these cold winter months. Definitely recommended.

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