Real Ugg Boots

Ugg boots have been in trend for a long time. Getting the authentic ones is a good investment due to the benefits they offer. Firstly, they look ‘classy’ and different from the fake Ugg boots. Original Ugg boots are made in Australia from the original sheepskin found. Multiple manufacturers of these boots tend to sell fake ones made of materials, which have a similar look to sheepskin but is a cheap imitation of this. Covering specific factors to consider before you opt for Ugg boots can ensure you are opting for the original ones.

Checking the Labels

Talking about original Ugg boots, you have to make a choice of the boots, which have the label of Ugg Australia. This is unbelievable but true. In case, the label shows that these boots are manufactured elsewhere, there is more than one chance that these are fake ones. Ugg Australia is a classic brand of footwear and it is a division of Decker’s brand.

Security Features

You can check the authenticity of the Australian made Ugg boots purchased by checking out the security features specifically made by UGG Australia. The sun logo of the holographic kind tends to change the color from black to white when it is rotated to 90 degrees in the original boots. Either you find a security sticker on the left shoe sole or you can find a strip of foil on the label behind the size/material label, which is sewn in. This similar sticker should also be on the shoebox. You can also look for the QR code, which is sewn on the left shoe security label.

The Packaging of the UGG Boots

Original UGG boots are packed in strong cardboard boxes. The boots are packed in a plastic, which is crinkly and thick and has ‘UGG Australia’ printed. Talking about the fake ones, they tend to miss the prints. Make sure the instructions for care and maintenance is clear and not blurry, which is an indication of this being scanned. Original UGG Boots offer shoe inserts to prevent the boots from going out of shape. You will not find these in the fake UGG boots.

Recognizing Fake UGG

Recognizing Fake UGG’s

  • Fake UGG boots come in brown dust bags. They have snow boots printed on them.
  • Decker’s do not have any attachment of tags.
  • Fake UGG’s might have an Australian flag printed on it.

Check the Soles

Authentic UGG boots have flexible soles. This is not so with the fake ones. The soles in the fake ones are more rigid. The fake boots will have a sole, which is not as thick as the original UGG boots are. The original boots of UGG tend to mold in accordance with the foot of the wearer, which is not with the fake ones.

Find the Right One

There is a wide range of styles and sizes in the UGG boots. Finding the ones, which can fit you finding the right one is not difficult at all. With the internet taking over, online shopping is a craze. This is a convenient and easy way to shop for your requirement. Make sure your foot size before you conduct an online search for the UGG Boots. These boots are warm and comfortable provided you opt for the original ones.

Hence, judge keeping the listed tips in mind before you choose for specific UGG boots. Understand how these boots can add to your comfort before you spend on them. This works out to be a long-term investment, as the original ones are durable and strong. That is if maintained in the required manner without getting these wet.

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How To Tell If Uggs Are Fake

Image Source: Wikimedia