Knock-off Louboutin Black Pumps

Knock-off Louboutin Pumps
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Check out some of your options for Knock-off Louboutin Black Pumps if you can’t afford, or don’t want to dole out the cash for, the real deal. From similar styles to DIY solutions we’ve got your red sole solution! 


Louboutin red bottoms have had a hold on the fashion industry forever, with people scraping to find the fierce shoe. Can’t afford real Christian Louboutin pumps? Most people can’t. There’s a way you can experience the power of the red bottom heels without breaking your bank. There are knock-off pairs out there, where you can find the replica red bottoms.

Here are the best places and tips on where to buy replica Louboutins

Where to Buy Replica Red Bottom Heels 


Vocosi is an online store that offers quality shoes at great prices! You’ll find red bottom heels just like Louboutins but at $75 vs. $600. These red bottom heels come in the following colors: black, white, and yellow. They also have sales going on too!


The online platform, Shein, is known for its cheap and affordable prices. While the store doesn’t have pumps with red bottoms, they do offer black pointed heels. You can improvise in other ways to make sure you have a red bottom. 

How to make your own Replica Red Bottom Heels

If you’re not having luck finding shoes with red bottom heels, you can DIY your own! You can either pant the shoe or find red stickers that will make the Louboutin-styled shoes look real. Different online stores offer different products to help. 


At Etsy, there are several different types of styles of stylish red bottoms that you can add to your favorite black high heels


With ShoeBottoms, you’ll find colored shoe sole kits, slip-resistant red bottoms, sole protector red bottoms, and more. These items range at different prices from $10 to $25. Some of these options let you put on the kit yourself or you can send it off for them to install. 


This seller offers red sole paint for the bottom of your heels. This will save you time and money finding a professional to do it.


For around $4, you’ll get a red sole sticker to put onto the bottom of your heel.


These red soles are great because they are non-slip and are only $15! You’ll have stylish shoes while also being safe!


Amazon offers red shoe bottom paint so that you can add some red color to your soles or restore if needed. The paint comes in a 2 fl. oz. container that ranges from $4-$8. 

How to Buy Now, Pay Later for Louboutin Shoes

If you want the real deal, some stores offer Christian Louboutin shoes that you can buy now pay later.


Nordstroms offer Christian Louboutins red bottoms in several shoe styles. Whether you want a slide sandal, open toe pump, pointed toe, star-studded sandal, slingback stiletto sandal, regular black pump, or waterproof bootie, the store has it. Nordstrom also works with finance plan Afterpay, meaning you can pay for red bottom heels in monthly manageable installments.

Vestaire Collective 

This pre-owned fashion site offers over 16,000 Christian Louboutins. You’ll find your favorite red bottom heels, sandals, and pumps that show off your fashionista side. Since the company partners with Klarna, you can pay for the shoes in monthly part payments. 

The Luxury Closet 

The Luxury Closet is a marketplace that offers popular renowned shoes at good prices! From black leather Louboutins, grey mesh, pink, multi-colored, beige, and black platform pumps, you’ll find the shoe of your dreams. This platform lets you make an offer on how much you want to pay, allowing you to decide how much you want to spend. 

Nieman Marcus

Nieman Marcus is the store to find the best selection of Louboutins. You’ll find black pumps with red bottoms but also different colors too! The store works with the finance program Affirm, allowing you to pay for those $700 heels in monthly installments that work best for you.

What are you waiting for?! Get your replica red bottoms today!

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