How to Find the Slipper with the Perfect Fit for Women

Find the Slipper with the Perfect Fit
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When it comes to finding the right slippers, you can’t simply approach the task like you would regular shoe-shopping. Sure, it’s still important to make sure that the shoes are the correct size, and fit your general aesthetic. However, there are plenty of other factors to consider as well, which might not be as important as with other types of shoes. For example, the lining of a slipper can make all the difference, which would be an unusual thing to pay attention to for most types of shoes. Finding the perfect slippers for women involves a few different considerations, but it really isn’t that complicated. If you want to find out more, just keep reading!

Make Sure They Have the Right Length, Width, and Depth

This is shoe-shopping 101: getting a pair that fits. Fortunately for any woman who’s looking for a great pair of slippers, these shoes are built for comfort. This means plenty of room for the toes, and everything else for that matter.

Keep in mind that if you like to wear socks with your slippers, you might be better off with a size that’s a bit larger than normal. Also, if you’re shopping online, pay attention to product descriptions and reviews to see how accurate the slipper’s sizing is. With some brands, you have to size up or down in order to get the right fit. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to consult a sizing guide for exact measurements.

Given how comfortable they’re meant to be, slippers don’t have to be an exact fit. This is probably why they aren’t usually offered in half sizes, which is another thing you should take into account. When in doubt, size up. These are supposed to be your comfiest pair of shoes, so you don’t want a pair of slippers that pinch your toes in spite of the cushioned, extra-wide design.

Find One With Your Preferred Lining

There are all kinds of lining options, but they can be divided into two broad categories: natural and synthetic. If they aren’t made of real sheepskin, lambskin, or other genuine furs, they’ll often be made of a synthetic faux fur. Some options, such as UGG slippers, combine fur with wool for an ultra-insulated slipper. Others use something like a padded flannel lining, which is still soft and cozy, but not quite as luxurious as actual shearling.

This is partly a question of how the slippers feel, but it’s also a matter of how they age. Depending on the quality of the slipper, you might end up with way more room than you anticipated as the fluffy lining flattens over time. However, a structured exterior will help prevent the slippers from getting too roomy.

Pay Attention to Temperature Control

Slippers are supposed to keep the feet warm, but what if they’re too good at their job? Then you’ll end up with hot, sweaty feet, which is hardly the result you want. Instead of just assuming that any fluffy material will get the job done, look for slippers that are lined with moisture-wicking, breathable material like double-faced shearling. A padded midsole is great as well, since this will insulate your feet from the cold floor.

Prioritize Thoughtful Construction

If you want a truly superior pair of slippers, there are a few characteristics that are absolutely essential. Not only should they be the ultimate cuddly shoes, but they should also be durable enough to last over the long term – even if you occasionally wear them outside. You don’t have to expect tactical-grade slippers, but then, you should also be able to rely on them to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Determining the quality of a slipper’s construction can be tricky if you’re shopping online, but the reviews should help with that. If you’re examining the shoes in person, pay attention to the stitching. Is it secure and uniform, or do you notice loose threads here and there? Also, try bending them and see how quickly they spring back. You should get some resistance, but the slippers should also regain their original shape fairly quickly. Lastly, check the inside (either with your hand, or by trying them on) to see if there are any friction points. Since you’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time wearing these slippers, it’s obviously important that they won’t give you blisters.

Look For Top-Notch Materials

What’s the difference between a $20 pair of slippers, and a $120 pair of slippers? In most cases, it’s largely due to the materials. On the lower end of the price range, you’ll mostly get synthetic materials. They may mimic higher-end materials, but at the end of the day, those faux fur-lined suede slippers are still made of nylon, polyester, and other synthetic components.

On the upper end of the price range, you’ll find more options made from genuine suede leather, shearling, or specialized blends of natural materials like sheepskin and wool. These aren’t just more luxurious in an aesthetic sense; they also offer a much better experience. The temperature of your feet will be regulated, and they won’t get sweaty thanks to the lining’s moisture-wicking properties.

Get a Style You Like

Slippers aren’t exactly known for being the height of fashion, but you can still find a type of slipper that goes best with your general style. For example, some people like the look of moccasins; others prefer backless options like mules or slides. There are even some slippers that look good enough to wear while running errands, although you should still avoid wearing them in wet or muddy conditions. There are countless options available, so you’ll definitely be able to find something you like.

The Takeaway

If you’re a woman searching for her perfect pair of slippers, hopefully you have a better idea of how to find them. It really isn’t that difficult, once you know what to look for. These are shoes that prioritize function over form; as long as you pay attention to the criteria above, you could be enjoying some cozy slippers before you know it.

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