Why I Love My Allbirds Mens Shoes Review

allbirds review
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My wife bought herself a pair of the new trendy eco-friendly sneakers from the brand Allbirds and was raving about them, and I was like #whatever. I wasn’t sold on the look, and since I couldn’t fit into her shoes I didn’t know their comfort. She kept telling me these are the best and I kept ignoring her  it until we walked by an Allbirds store in Austin, Texas. I was wearing a pair of worn out Nike running shoes, which were no longer very comfortable, but I could slip them on easily, and never had to untie them (risky self-disclosure… I’m lazy). These shoes make some big claims including being the most comfortable running shoes around. 


She was like, just go in there and try a pair, and I was like OK (sad Price is Right music in the background). I moped in and asked the clerk if I could try a pair of Men’s Tree Dashers Men’s Tree DashersHeathered Black (Peach Zest Sole). It was like my movie went from black and white to full technicolor. My feet were relaxing in a hot tub with my soulmate (thank you Napoleon Dynamite). I could not believe how comfortable they were. I knew instantly that they were completely breathable… I can’t stand foot humidity. Better still, I felt supported in all the right places. It was like the shoe knew me. I felt like I could go running in them or walk for hours. 


Needless to say I wore them out that evening and haven’t looked back. After having worn them for months I can say that they held up very well and it’s great that you can wash them. Kudos to them for using sustainable materials in their manufacturing too. All in all, their understated design aesthetic has grown on me and I plan to wear these for a very long time. 


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