Essential Shoe Etiquette Tips For Men

Essential Shoe Etiquette Tips For Men
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Looking your best when you walk out the door will contribute to how confident you feel, and might also influence various other areas of your life. Because your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, building the image you desire means you will need to pay sufficient attention to how you dress. Fashion is always fluctuating, with new trends emerging, so keeping yourself updated on the topic is a must. Besides having a general knowledge on what type of clothes you should be wearing depending on the occasion, what elements flatter you personally and a few other details about clothing items, what you should also not overlook is your choice in footwear. There are a few clear shoe etiquette rules that you need to live by, if you want to benefit from an impeccable appearance from head to toe, and if you are having a bit of trouble in this department, getting some insights is recommended. Here are some of the things you need to learn on the matter:

Shoe and Trouser Style – The Perfect Mix

One of the main mistakes men tend to make is adding the wrong style of footwear to the pants they are wearing. You will never be dressed appropriately if you pair a dressy pant with boots for example, nor will you look stylish with jeans and loafers. Whenever you are on the point of putting your shoes on, take some time to think if the two styles go hand in hand, and are not creating a visual unpleasant contrast. Shorts are usually recommended to be combined with closed toed shoes, and almost never sandals (although you should probably stay away from sandals altogether if you don’t exactly have a proper expertise on fashion, these being quite difficult to incorporate into outfits). Loafers or boaters are probably the most suitable option for shorts. When it comes to jeans, which are probably the style you go for most frequently, the right shoe selection consists of trainers. Regardless if you prefer a pair of Jordan’s or some Yeezy’s, trainers are the right way to go. Business wear is probably the fashion department where you have most troubles. Here you have three main possibilities, loafers, brogues or oxfords, but these also need to be picked out according to the color, fit and fabric of your suit pants.

Color Coordination

Although when it comes to street style outfits, you have a bit more flexibility when adding elements together, for dressier, cleaner looks, you will need to prioritize color coordination. One rule you should never forget is that your shoes need to be darker than your pants. So if you are wearing a pair of navy suit pants for example, go for black for your footwear. And when you are wearing brown trousers, while you can put on shoes of the same color, these should be at least slightly darker. Laces are recommended to be of the same nuance as the shoe itself, and the socks as well, although you can make a bolder choice in this department if you are going for a more unconventional outfit. When you are choosing your belt, keep in mind that this should always match your footwear, no exceptions here.

Quality Comes First

One detail you should never overlook when you are shoe shopping is quality. While price isn’t always an indicator of good quality, more expensive brands usually provide more appealing options in this department, so it’s better to invest a bit more money in pairs that are visibly qualitative rather than choose quantity over quality. Even when you are wearing boutique clothing for men shopped from a popular store, you still need to complete your ensemble with the right footwear, and making a mistake in the quality department could mean a disastrous look. And keep in mind that even big brands might make mistakes in the quality department among some collections, so check the pair you are planning to purchase carefully. If you are shopping online, read the product description before adding something to cart, and buy from stores that give you the chance to return your order if you are not satisfied with what you have received.

Classic Choices Are a Safe Bet

Considering how many new trends are appearing on the regular, footwear styles included, you might stumble upon unconventional shoe designs that might immediately catch your eye. If you can’t afford buying shoes that frequently, it’s better to put all your money into classic options rather than getting a pair of edgy sneakers for example, which could end up being outdated even in a couple of months. If you know what you are buying, a classic pair will be appropriate to wear for a long period of time, so sometimes it’s best if you just play it safe.

Shoe Appearance Rules

Besides pairing the right shoes with your choice of outfit, you should also know a few things on how to maintain your footwear in proper condition. You may be wearing an amazing designer outfit, but if your shoes haven’t been cleaned properly or are outworn, you won’t be able to get the positive attention desired, but on the contrary. Your dressier shoes would always be shined, because this is the type of clean look that demands proper footwear care. However, that doesn’t mean your sneakers or moccasins should be neglected. Try to maintain them in a proper condition by paying attention to your cleaning habits. The market offers you enough products to help you with that.

While you might focus on wearing designer clothes and keeping up with fashion trends, if the shoes you put on are not of the right quality or don’t go with the style you have opted for that day, your entire ensemble will be ruin. Footwear is essential for a composed, and stylish attire, and being aware of a few tips on the subject will help you avoid making disastrous mistakes in this department. Keep these guidelines in mind and remember that the money that goes on the right pair of shoes will always be well spent, so never make cheap choices.

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