Three Types of Shoes That Add Style and Comfort

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All the cliche state that beauty requires sacrifice — and sometimes pain — but is that really the case? Consider shoes. Yes, heels can be painful, but they’re only one type of shoe. This list proves that you can keep it comfortable and classy.


Wedges are the perfect shoes if you want some height but find pumps and heels to be unmercifully uncomfortable. Because the entire sole is thicker, you have more support beneath your foot. Wedges also tend to be a little wider than some heels, which makes them better for inserting insoles if you need extra arch support or simply want more cushioning beneath the ball of your foot. Because wedges tend to cover up more of your foot, this can also hide your insoles.

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However, wedges are still available in a variety of styles: sandal, closed-toe, gladiator open-toe and even boots. Wedges come in everything from suede to plastic, and you don’t have to have a cork sole. Plastic and rubber soles add flair and uniqueness. Plus, rubberized soles improve shock absorption, which is important in shoes.

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Flats can be quite stylish. They work with jeans, slacks and skirts. They’re perfect if you’re already tall or have a simple fashion sense. However, flats aren’t always comfortable. Make sure to try them on and walk around in the store because they may lack the proper support to provide comfort and foot health. Flats often have enough space for a small insert, but they’re cut narrower, so your options will be a little limited.

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Higher quality flats may have thicker soles, better arch support and more comfortable edges, and those things all aid in comfort. If your favorite pair doesn’t have much support, consider doing your commuting in sneakers and changing into flats once you reach your destination.  Consider a pair of boots that are flats.  Boots are a fall fashion trend.  If you find a sensible pair of boots, flats might be a good option for both style and comfort.

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Cork-Soled Sandals

If you don’t mind the look of cork soles, like to let your toes breathe, like to easily slip your shoes on and off and spend time at the beach or barbecues, then sandals are a wardrobe staple. Not all of them are comfortable.

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Cheap sandals and flipflops can cause skin abrasions or blisters, which are as painful as they are ugly. However, this isn’t the case with all sandals. Find some with cork soles to absorb shock, and you might be in heaven. Pair them with a cute skirt, jeans or shorts and you’re good to go.

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Which of these is your favorite type of shoes?

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  1. I wear wedges if I’m going to be walking around a lot but I always make sure the wedge part is chisled so it doesn’t look blocky or chunky. I don’t want to stomp around not much of a fashion statement. But my favorite are high heel shoes!! Love the way my foot and legs look so sexy and everyone always compliments me! win!!

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