Shoes on Display at Store

The right display of shoes will stop you right in your tracks. Be it Nike, Christian Dior, DKNY, or Vera Wang, each display will need to be inviting for the particular shopper. Here are a few carefully planned out tactics of reeling you in to get that perfect pair…or two.

Themed Window Display
You’ll need to first be attracted and feel invited to go into the shoe store. One way is for an appealing design outside the store via a selected theme or maybe even paired accessories. A great theme would be seasonal or selected shoe styles. A large enough display can let the owner’s creative juices flow such as a summer display with sandals and open toed pumps paired with a beach bag, sun-glasses, a hot bikini, sand, and an umbrella on display.

The Right Lighting and Music
If the target is for the family shopper, the mood will be set with bright light and vibrant trendy music. For the elegant shopper, you’ll have rose light paired with classical music.

Setup Of Shoes Inside
The setup can either be shoes lined on the wall, which works well for families shopping. A more selective eloquent shopper will look for stores with plenty of comfortable, well decorated chairs. Having  Store Fixtures and Displays near the seating area and walkway paths, will aid in more selective, got-to-have-it purchases.