Shoes are about to get as smart and high tech as an iPhone. Some of the biggest companies in sportswear are investing tons of money in developing shoes that boast impressive technology meant to track and improve a person’s athletic performance. Wired magazine recently ran an article that talks about these “smart” shoes, and they seem to be every bit as impressive as you’d imagine. They combine everything you want in a sports shoe (comfort, style, protection, and performance enhancement) with nanotechnology meant to inform you on all sorts of measurable data. And the best part is that these shoes will be available very, very soon.

Impressive tracking technology

The most publicized of these smart shoes are those featured in the “Nike+” line, a campaign started by the popular FuelBand that tracks your vitals and workout stats as you perform routine exercises. The idea behind Nike’s technologically advanced shoes is much similar to that of the FuelBand: a series of transmitters in the shoe will record and evaluate data as you work, sending it to another device (probably a smartphone) where you can look at it afterwards. The transmitter in the shoes will be able to measure things like overall distance, speed, and difficulty of a workout, simply by recording you feet’s movements in real time. It’s like having your own personal trainer in the sole of your shoe. Pretty neat, right?

Share your workout with your friends

Shoe producers have also made a big deal about the scope of the data shared from these smart shoes. Not only will you be able to view your stats on your smartphone right after a workout, you’ll also be able to post it on any number of social media platforms to all your friends (or rivals). Marketers are looking to create an atmosphere of playful competitiveness from this feature: runners will be able to challenge other runners over Facebook or Twitter about who has the highest sprinting speed; basketball players can compete over who can jump the highest according to their shoe’s readings. This way the smart shoes should have an appeal beyond professional athletics and workout fanatics. It’s all part of taking an experience with your favorite sports shoe a more interactive experience. Who knew that it could actually be possible?

How do you feel about them?

It’s hard to believe that a shoe will have technological abilities that rival our phones, but it is 2012 after all. There’s no reason why a shoe can’t have tracking technology and GPS. But there’s a question of whether or not its necessary to put such technology in a shoe at all. Do you think that smart shoes will be a successful trend in the shoe industry? Or do you think it’s just a gimmicky feature that will only cater towards a small minority of shoe fans? Let me know in your comments!