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7 Shoe Care Tips For Longer Lasting Shoes

Taking a look through our seven shoe care tips for longer lasting shoes will pay dividends. Of course, some shoes are disposable such as cheap jelly shoes and flip flops where there is little you can do by the way of shoe care to help them. But good quality leather shoes will work and look […]

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9 Best Shoes If You’re A Busy College Student

Being a college student usually means that you’ll have to be on your feet many hours every day. Not only will you be going from one class to another, but you’ll be away from home attending lectures, studying at the library and meeting friends to exchange notes. Depending on the season and the weather outside, […]

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The Top DIY Recyclable Shoe Tips

Why should you do it yourself? DIY is the in the thing and everyone is trying to be creative to build something for their own. Studies show that people actually value things they have built themselves than what they have bought. Rebranded shoes, expensive shoes, fashionable shoes there are all types of shoes. So, what […]

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