Best Nike Walking Shoes for Women

Nike Walking Shoes
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Nike is famous for making comfortable, quality, and responsive sports shoes, and their women’s walking shoes don’t disappoint. The brand combines breathable fabrics, sturdy yet responsive soles, and quality bonding to produce some of the most comfortable and well-performing shoes. Customers especially praise how well these shoes hold up to constant abuse.

The swoosh has more than 25 women’s walking shoes on its online store, priced between $60 to %180. You can get several picks at a discount, making Nike’s women’s walking shoes great value for money. Here are the best Nike walking shoes for women.

Best Nike Walking Shoes for Women

The walking shoes must provide ample support without being heavy. Additionally, the shoe should be breathable and fit properly without constricting your feet. This is good news since Nike’s stock contains shoes that fit this description, not necessarily for walking. Therefore, you get a wider selection range beyond those in the walking section.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

Nike’s React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is the overall best pick due to its breathability, comfort, and quality. The React foam is bouncy and light, providing ample support and cushioning over any terrain. The breathable upper also keeps your feet cool and fresh, allowing you to enjoy regular use.

Furthermore, the shoe has excellent heel support to give the shoe a sturdy yet approachable build. You’ll especially love its wide base, which securely plants on the ground with each stride. No matter the terrain, you’ll remain well balanced as you move along.

Aesthetically, Nike’s React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 doesn’t disappoint. It is one of the best-looking sports shoes around. You can pick among nine different color combinations, which should suit your workout or casual outfits well.

Nike Women's React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Shoe, Particle Grey/White, 8.5
Nike Women’s React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

Nike Downshifter 11

The Nike Downshifter 11 is the best budget pick in this range. This show is practically a steal with incredible comfort and design, retailing at $55. It is tastefully designed yet flexible and lightweight. While its sole may not be as thick as the Flyknit 2, it still offers ample support and cushioning.

In addition, its lower profile suits more people’s legs and walking styles. Furthermore, the more subtle styling makes it appropriate to wear in diverse settings, even at work.

You can choose between regular and wide fit when shopping, depending on your foot size. Nike’s online store presents two color combinations, but you can also get it in all black on other sites.

Nike Women's Downshifter 11 Stroke Running Shoe, White/Green/Lilac, 10
Nike Women’s Downshifter 11

Nike Flex Experience Run 10

The Nike Flex Experience Run 10 is our pick of a pair you can comfortably stand in all day. These are so light, comfortable, affordable, and adequately breathable that you might forget you have them on.

The sole is not the most technically advanced, but it provides enough cushioning and bounce to keep you comfortable. You may not take it up the trails, but you won’t feel fatigued in most other settings.

Additionally, the shoe’s flexible and malleable feel meshes well with your foot, offering support in all the right spots.

Nike Flex Experience Run 10 Womens Casual Running Shoe Ci9964-002 Size 12
Nike Flex Experience Run 10

Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 made is our pick of the most stylish walking shoe for women. Its unique design and classy look don’t take away from its technical capabilities. The shoe lives up to its Air Max name with its chunky air sole capsule that gives you that gliding feeling when walking.

Despite that chunky and bouncy sole, the shoe is unbelievably light. The breathable upper keeps your feet cool even on a hot day, further adding comfort levels. In addition, the ergonomic wedge shape allows for easy movement, keeping you comfortable even after long hours of wearing them.

Nike Women's Air Max 270 White/Black AH6789-100 (Size: 8)
Nike Women’s Air Max 270


Nike Wildhorse 7

The Nike Wildhorse 7 is comfortable enough for walking while being ready for trail running. It has a high-abrasion rubber on the outsole to absorb abuse from the trails while giving plenty of traction. The upper section is breathable yet durable, capable of deflecting pebbles and other projectiles away from your feet.

Despite its rugged looks and capabilities, this shoe remains flexible and comfortable. Therefore, you can hit the trails without your feet feeling constricted or blistering. Expect a snug yet comfortable fit, considering they’re designed to keep you firmly planted over treacherous surfaces.

Nike Women's Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoe (Light Soft Pink/Aluminum, Size 8.5)
Nike Women’s Wildhorse 7


These Nikes walking shoes for women come in varying sizes, from five to 12, with several having a regular or wide fit. Therefore, you can’t miss a suitable size for any foot size and width.


  1. React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 – 4.7 stars
  2. Downshifter 11 – 4.5 stars
  3. Flex Experience Run 10 – 4.6 stars
  4. Air Max 270 – 4.7 stars
  5. Wildhorse 7 – 4.5 stars

Are Nike Shoes Non-Slip?

Nike ensures its shoes are non-slip. Every pair featured on our list has a non-slip sole that ensures a strong grip over diverse surfaces. The rugged Wildhorse 7 is especially grippy.

How to Clean

You’ll need some dish soap, baking soda, a shoe brush, a toothbrush, and a soft cloth to clean your Nike shoes.

  • First, use a dry brush to remove dry dirt from the shoe.
  • Then, add some mild dish soap to warm water. For white shoes, you need to mix equal parts warm water with baking soda to make a cleaning paste.
  • Remove the laces and clean them separately by washing them in water with dish soap. Do the same for the insoles.
  • Next, use the soft cloth with the water and soap mixture to clean the upper sections. Be gentle yet thorough.
  • Focus on the lower section, but this time use the brush.
  • Rinse with clean water and use a microfiber towel to strain as much moisture from the show as possible.
  • Place the shoe on a clean and airy surface to dry out.

Where to Buy

You’ll find all these shoes on the official Nike online store, https://www.nike.com, and affiliated stores.

Where to Buy Dupes

You need to be wary of online retailers trying to pass off fake Nike shoes as the real thing. A quick way to tell fake shoes is if they differ from a similar pair you’ve worn in the past. Additionally, fake Nike shoes have differing SKU numbers on the box and the labels inside of the shoes. Furthermore, be suspicious of any online retailer not displaying formal authorization from Nike to distribute their products.

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