Nike SB Dunk High Heel Shoes?

Check out these Nike SB Dunks Women High Heels “Do the Dew” in Aqua that I found at the Product Boutique Global, LLC. What in the world would you wear them with?   Definitely not Sports Clothing!? And definitely not a church dress.   Jeans?   What?!

The Nike SB Dunks are available in a rainbow array of colors ranging from Black Cat, Bumblebee (yellow and black), Black Rose (orange with tiger stripes), Blue Rose, China Town (orange, yellow and black), Gold Pot (metallic gold upper with red swoosh), Gold Star (red & blue with gold patriotic stars), Popeye (red with the cartoon characters), Red Tiger (self explanatory), Silver Bullet (the dressiest of the bunch),   Valentine’s Day Be Mine (lavender and red), and the   “Do the Dew” in Pink, Red, Yellow and/or Purple.

The Nike SB Dunk high heel shoes are more than shoes. They reveal a woman inner beauty. These high heels are 3″ high.

And just in case none of those colors/styles suit your fancy, they have a ton of Nike Air Jordan Retro Women’s Boots as well.   I’m skeptical that they aren’t authentic Nike shoes as I can’t find them for sale on any other “real” websites, like JKL Sports but such is life.

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