Ultimate UGG Boots Do’s and Don’ts

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Love comfort and fashion? Can’t go wrong with UGG Australia boots. They are the ultimate in comfort and fashion. Even celebs like Venessa Hudgens, Issa Rae, Rihanna, and Natalie Portman love their UGGS! But you can quickly ruin your boots if you aren’t careful.

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So what are some key dos and don’ts for your UGGs? 

DON’T get your UGGs soaked. Though the boots are pretty durable, getting them super wet and gross means the end of your UGGs. 

DO choose UGGs that you absolutely adore, including new UGG slippers! One cute pair per outfit would be perfect! 

UGG Women's Scuffette Ii Slipper, Chestnut, 8

DON’T cook in your UGGs. Yep, they are super comfy, but the smells of fish and garlic are not super fashionable. Ew!

DO avoid wearing your UGGs in the rain. So check the weather before you head out the door! 

DON’T wear the cute boots for women with mini-skirts and tiny shorts. These are not hot weather shoes at all. 

DO wear UGGs with your fave leggings and a long shirt. Accessorize with a fuzzy scarf or layered plaid shirt to complete the look. 

UGG Women's Classic Tall II Boot, Chestnut, 8

DON’T wash your UGG boots in a washing machine unless you want to absolutely destroy them.

DO try direct sunlight if you need to dry out your boots. 

DON’T forget about how cute they look with your best skinny jeans. 

DO use boot forms to keep the UGGs shape. 

DON’T forget to let your boots dry if they get wet. 

DO try out some of the more elegant UGG looks like the stylish ivory.

DON’T try to wear UGGs to any evening formal events and parties. UGGs are casual and fun, not for dressing up. 

DO use baking soda in your shoe to soak up any unwanted odors. 

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DON’T wear socks with your UGGs. Believe it or not, these shoes were meant to be worn without socks. 

DO cut any threads with a pair of scissors.

DON’T use any chemicals to clean your boots. Bleach, chlorine, and peroxide will wreck your boots. 

DO use only UGG approved conditioners, shampoos, and cleaning spray.

DON’T forget to protect your boots with an oil and water repellent spray right after your delivery. They will add an extra layer of protection for your shoes. 

DO wear UGGs with your casual outfits.

DON’T splash in the mud or water with your UGGs. 


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Follow these fun guidelines and enjoy wearing your UGGs. As the ultimate in street casual, you can find an incredible range of colors and styles for any outfit. Remember to regularly maintain your boots, clean them periodically, and avoid soaking them in water. Enjoy your cute UGGs for years to come. 

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