Shoe Trend: Classic Peep toe style

Footwear is a very important part of one’s style statement. The wrong pair of shoes can completely spoil even the most stylish look for the season. The right kind of footwear is essential to create an ever lasting impression. Fashion changes every six months. The footwear trend also changes time to time from hiking boots to ballerinas to the gladiator sandals. However one footwear trend that has been constant for a long time is the peep toe shoes, sandals and booties. Peep toes are the flavor of the season and are going to play a long inning in the fashion circuit. Peep toes have made their presence felt right from the runways to a small town shoe store. There are various types of peep toes, the classic high heeled, flat ones, or the ankle length boots or booties. Let’s check them out one by one.

Promiscuous - Jesse Marie (Coral Patent) - Footwear

Promiscuous – Jesse Marie (Coral Patent) – Footwear

Classic high heeled peep toes:
Almost all fashion conscious girls will have at least one pair of classic high heeled peep toes in their closets. Be it a celebrity or a girl next door, the high heel peep toes are everyone’s favorite. The thin pencil heeled pair of open toes shoes are classic, chic and ultra glamorous. The beautifully filed and painted toe nails peeping out of your hot pair of shoes can make people swoon over your feet and your trendy styling. The classic peep toes are here to stay and there are very rare chances that they will ever go out of style. These pair of shoes can be of patent leather, suede or the metallic finish. The style can be with the ankle strap or without it. The heels can also vary from pencil heels, wedge heels or the platform heels. No matter what the style will be but one thing is for sure classic high heeled peep toes will fit in all the occasions, be it your wedding day or your first day at work. You can team your high heeled peep toes with pantyhose as well. A pair of classic peep toes will definitely announce your arrival in the fashion circuit.

olsenHaus Women's Song Peep Toe Ankle Boot

olsenHaus Women’s Song Peep Toe Ankle Boot

Ankle length boots and booties:
Another type of peep toes considered as uber hot and sexy is the ankle length boots or booties. This type of peep toes looks very stylish and trendy with the short skirts and dresses and has been very popular amongst the celebrities. The ankle length boots and booties look chic and trendy with stockings as well. Team your pair of peep toe ankle length boots with contrasting stockings to be looked upon as a fashionista. This look has also been popular on the runway since last fashion season in all the fashion weeks.

Joy Chen Women's Ulicia Slingback Peep Toe Flat

Joy Chen Women’s Ulicia Slingback Peep Toe Flat

Flat or kitten heeled peep toes with sling back:
Another popular peep toes style which continues from last season to the current fashion season is the flat or kitten heeled peep toes. These types of peep toes are very comfortable yet stylish for your freaky shopping days or for a comfortable office wear. Flat peep toes are also a savior for those who cannot wear high heels for health reasons like the expecting mothers. They don’t have to compromise on their style statement. Flat, sling back peep toes is the answer to all your stylish and trendy footwear worries.

Peep toes top almost every girl’s wish list for creating her own style statement. The color of the season is red. So, go ahead and team your exotic red peep toes with your trendy clothes and be ready for all those eyes following you wherever you go. Get armed with your pair of peep toes and flaunt your happy feet. With the stylish peep toes admiration and attention is guaranteed.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a writer and blogger who loves shopping for bags and shoes.  Amongst all, writing on luxury-related topics excite her most and she frequently blogs on most expensive things in the world. Currently she is planning to work on most expensive watches upcoming in the market.

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