Seychelles The Under Cover Shoe

Seychelles The Under Cover Shoe in Taupe

Two-tone Mary Jane style pump with leather and suede upper; perforated and whipstitch detailing; grosgrain ribbon tie accent; 4″ heel. $130 from Karmaloop.

All over the world every woman both old and young craves to wear the best kind of shoes. In most cases, the habit is seen in most teenage ladies and young adult ladies. A good number of the ladies are getting addicted to wearing shoes of all kinds.

Indeed, women’s addiction to shoes is because of various reasons. A good number of them like wearing the high heeled shoes. Others go for the cover shoes with mini high heels. Women are addicted to shoes because the shoes tend to improve their social status when they put them on. Again, the shoes make them to look sexy and elegant. When they put on shoes, they tend to cat-walk well. They also tend to be more confident when they appear on shoes. A good number of ladies also put on shoes in order to stay tuned to the modern day fashion tide.

Women are not known only for their addiction to shoes but also for their addiction to Body Creams and Farmers Furniture.

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