I’ve always been a fan of “Mary Jane” styled shoes, and own several pairs.   The problem is I never can find the perfect outfit to wear them with.   But, I was so excited when I first saw Target carry these  fun, cute, comfortable  alternative to slippers.   I love to wear them around the house (too hot to wear to bed though). I own several pairs of these as well (the picture is of my Christmas ones that I bought this year  after Christmas on clearance).   If I knew how to knit, I could make my own.

While I’m on the subject of  Mary Janes, I found the cutest Mary Jane Socks for little girls at UncommonGoods.com    “She’s never too young for Mary Janes, and this six-pack of soft cotton socks will provide her with her first pairs. These adorable little Mary Jane socks look just like the classic shoe, complete with a stripe strap and non-skid bottoms. Set includes one pair of each color and comes in an attractive gift box.”   Guess what my little Godchild is getting for her first birthday?!