High Heels for Babies

Baby in High Heels

I first heard of Heelarious “her first high heels” on the TODAY show. I instantly thought they would be the perfect gift for my cousin Erin’s daughter, but they are $40, which is a bit pricey for something infants grow out of quite quickly (designed for babies ages 0-6). But if money was no object, I think these soft, fully functional crib shoes are a great baby gift for a baby girl, even if the press objects. Available in a variety of colors and prints from Zappos.com, they come packaged in a clear, ultra-gifty purse-shaped gift box with rhinestone closure (okay, so that’s worth a few bucks alone).

[phpbay]crib shoes, 1[/phpbay]

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4 thoughts on “High Heels for Babies

  1. Very nice baby shoes here in pink color. The baby wearing the shoes is giggling and smiling with an open mouth. I visited your link sites I saw countless varieties and designs are there of all age baby from 0 to onwards. Thanks very much on the gift occasion “Christmas”.

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