Green Shoes and Eco-Friendly Footwear: A New Approach

Green Sandals
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Green Sandals

Not too long ago, the words green shoes or eco-friendly footwear might have evoked images of clunky, funny-looking shoes that were purely functional at best. Although green footwear has been available for quite some time, the market is growing exponentially in response to public demand for eco-friendly shoes. That being said, green shoe companies are doing their best to compete with their mainstream counterparts.

What Are Green Shoes?

Companies that make green shoes, or eco-friendly shoes, can make this claim by doing a variety of different things in relation to their footwear production. Some companies are vegan, and use no animal by-products whatsoever in the manufacture of their shoes. Other companies are being green by following specific environmental protocols at their manufacturing facilities. The use of recycled materials and chemicals that make less environmental impact is the focus of some other companies.

The types of green shoes available on the market these days ranges from purely functional, less aesthetically pleasing models, to high fashion items. Although some styles may cost slightly more than their non-green counterparts, you can feel good knowing that you did your part to help save the planet while still feeding your shoe addiction.

Where Can Green Shoes be Found?

Many major retailers carry eco-friendly shoes, but you will find the best prices, selection, and availability online at these sites:

Simple: Simple’s Green Toe Collection offers unique, environmentally conscious footwear in a variety of styles and colors.

Planet Shoes: In their eco-logical collection, the folks at Planet Shoes have a wide variety of styles and brands that fit many different tastes.

Moo Shoes: Find cruelty-free, award winning vegan shoes and accessories from this New York City shoe company.

REI: The outdoor experts at REI have some great footwear choices for both active and casual lifestyles.

MINK Shoes: For higher-fashion shoes endorsed by the likes of Natalie Portman, Denise Richards, and Pamela Anderson, take a look at what this Italian green shoe company has to offer.

Helping to do your part to save the planet is a great thing. As a shoeaholic, however, it is impossible to expect that every pair of shoes that you purchase from here on out will be green or eco-friendly. Take a look at some of the sites above and see what they have to offer in regard to green footwear styles and see if anything pops out at you. You may just find something that’s a shoe-in for your wardrobe!

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