Great Shoes for the Party Season

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Shoes are an important part of every ladies wardrobe and most of us have quite a few pairs in our closet! The styles may range from the comfortable sneakers to the high-heeled stilettos worn only for special occasions. New fashions have been making their appearance every year, usually; most of the trends do not last for too long and lose their luster by the end of the season. However, there are some great shoes that have become very popular among the trendy set and are an important accessory for the young and stylish ladies around the world. Among the new trends in the shoe industry, some of the popular ones are as follows:

High Heels

Chunky high heels are beginning to make their mark on the fashion scene during the fall and summer season. The ever popular wedge heels are still there, but they are being steadily replaced by the retro high heels belonging to times that existed several decades ago. These are definitely more comfortable to walk in than the thin pointed stilettoes, and they can be happily worn with dresses of all types, including trousers and denims. The Kitsch Couture Cut-out Block Heels from Bank Fashion, as shown above, are a good example of these fashionable shoes. Pointy toed pumps, which are also a throwback to a previous era, are also part of the latest trends. High heel shoes of all types are a very important part of any woman’s wardrobe, the choices can vary from the wedge heels to the pointed and to the oh-so-sharp stilettos.

Flat Shoes

For those who just can’t bear the pain and effort of wearing heels on a night out, invest in a nice pair of flat shoes to see you through party season. Loafers have normally been associated with uninteresting casual shoes, but now they are available in all colours and hues, and with materials from suede to velvet. With colours such as burgundy and violet becoming the choice of the young and trendy generation, loafers have also become embellished with sequins and metallic buttons. They brighten up any simple outfit with their casual and glitzy looks.


There are few shoes as elegant as long boots worn by a tall lady wearing a lovely short skirt. The latest boots have also incorporated the latest heel trends within them and they are available with clunky heels in some places. Shorter ankle length boots in dressy and casual styles with bright colors, such as red and metallic silver, are the new vogue among party shoe lovers.

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