Fashion: How to Wear Shoes to Reflect Your Mood and Personality

Legs hanging out car window wearing while All-Star sneakers
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Legs hanging out car window wearing while All-Star sneakers

Shoes can not only give away your mood, but also say a lot about your personality. This is why, with a little bit of care and thought, you can use that to your advantage. In other words, you can wear shoes to reflect your mood and personality.

If you don’t know how, don’t fret. This post will tell you how you can make a statement and still be fashionable. Just read on to change the way you look at shoes forever!

Picking the perfect style

When it comes to showing your mood and personality using your shoes, the first consideration should be the style. It is always good to consult a personal stylist to get the right kind of mix that will help you stand out on the London fashion scene, but you can read and learn tricks online, too.

First of all, determine what mood and personality you want to convey. If you want to give the impression that you are somewhat less agreeable than others, consider wearing a high-top shoe. A boot should help you in this regard. Other than that, if you want to give the impression of a power woman, try looking at stilettos.

Moreover, in case you want to let your creative self shine, consider wearing shoes that are flat and comfortable. In addition to that, you can pick a pair of kitten heels if you want to show that you are an old soul.

Platform shoes can help you put forth the right vibe too, so long as you want to show everyone your girly self. If you want to give the impression of sophistication, however, consider high-top sneakers.

Choosing the right color

Any fashion expert will agree that giving the right vibe through shoes depends on color, too. So, what kind of color should you wear?

Well, in case you want to show the world that you are bubbly and not anxious, pick bright colors! In case you want to establish a somewhat serious demeanor, entertain dull colors. Other than that, if you like looking tall, wear shoes that matches the color of your clothes.

In world fashion capitals like New York, Paris or London, you can follow local shoe trends, and even hire a personal stylist to help you find your look. Even though the idea may seem a bit tough at first glance, it is really not! Once you get used to it, you will become a pro at letting your personality shine through your shoes very soon.

Wearing the right shoes is an art. It is an art that gets easier with practice and thought. So, go ahead and experiment as much as you can.

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