Everyday is Under Estimated

babyGAP Everyday sneakersThese “Gap Everyday Sneakers” really are shoes for everyday. I recently purchased these from BabyGap as a baby gift for a co-worker. Their little guy “Carter” can wear them outside or to church on Sunday. The khaki color goes with everything, and they are even washable should he wander into a mud puddle.

Durable canvas uppers protected with Nano-Tex, a stain-resistant coating. Cushioned insole. Sturdy rubber sole. Available at Gap.com

One thought on “Everyday is Under Estimated

  1. Hi, I’m a single dad with a one year old and when I lost my wife two months ago, I had no idea how to dress a baby. One of my friends told me about this website and “squeak’s” comments caught my attention on these little shoes. I bought them in navy and he wears them all the time. On a side note the ladies think they are so cute. After church on Sunday all the ladies were talking to us and now we have a lunch date after church this weekend.

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