Brooks Glycerin 9 Running Shoes

Brooks Women's Glycerin 9 Running Shoes

I know that athletic shoes are not the most fashionable shoes, but they do serve a purpose. I love to run, and a good running shoe is essential for my health. Believe me I have tried a ton of athletic shoes in my time. I used to stick with Nikes or New Balance (which I love for their walking shoes) but for running my heart is now set on Brooks.

I first found out about Brooks from a friend. I had never heard of them before but I looked them up and they had good reviews so I ordered a pair online. I would have gone to the store, but none of the stores near me carried the more affordable options.

Anyway, now I am a big fan of Brooks athletic shoes. They come in cool colors and no matter what style you get they feel great on. I have told my friends and family about Brooks as well and they too have fallen in love with them. In fact, I purchased a bright purple pair for a friend of mine for Christmas.

The best price I have found for Brooks is at Academy Sports and Outdoors. They range in price from around fifty dollars to more than a hundred. They have great support and last quite a while.

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