6 Ways To Put Back Some Soul In Your Shoes For A Longer Life

Are you worried about your investment in a plethora of footwear going down the drain as the pairs begin to get dirty, age, and wear out? Well, if you’re a shoeaholic, then you should also learn to take care of your assets because they’re probably too dear to your heart for you to just let go of them!

Rotate and rotate

You’ve obviously got several pairs, and by several I mean SEVERAL! So to increase the longevity of each pair, rotate them more often. This would allow their insides to dry out between successive occasions of wearing them and would keep them feeling comfortable on your feet every time you put them back on. Rotate between sneakers and stylish summer sandals to keep up with shifting summer trends, or heels and flats to match up with your office attire. That way you’ll at least have a lot more happening on your feet even if much isn’t happening in your life! Not to mention, by rotating pairs more frequently, each pair gets worn less and will last you longer.

Allow some air time

As important it is for you to allow your feet some breathing time, your shoes – and more importantly their insides – too could use some breathing time as well. Keep your shoes in a well-ventilated spot. A shoe box might be good to keep the dust off, but it is a tad bit too stuffy. The floor of your closet, or a shoe shelf should suffice. In fact, an occasional sunbath wouldn’t hurt either if you think they’re making your feet smelly. Don’t forget to allow your feet some air time too.

Caught in the rain?

Oh dear… now that just might not end pretty for your prettier footwear! Rain is probably the number one shoe destroying menace; if you’ve got some expensive pairs in your wardrobe, do take out the time to check the weather forecast before putting them on. Don’t try to wipe off any muck from shoes that are made out of fabric right after you walk out of the rain – that would just spread the mess and make them unfit for a second time. Also, you might want to resist the temptation of drying out your soaked leather beauties in front of a heater; that just might ruin the glue that keeps the shoe together and cut their life short. Dry them in an airy space with a couple of minutes of sunlight to perfect the drying process.

The smelly treatment

Smelly shoes… a bane for your feet and everyone else’s nose. If you’ve been wearing a pair of shoes or too long, too often, they begin to smell a little funny. This usually happens with that pair of black sneakers that you just love and wear with almost everything. And once yours begin to smell, you’re more likely to throw them out of your house faster than the trash. But here’s a technique that would kill the stench of sweat and rubbery insides pretty fast. Simply toss in a tea bag into each shoe – an unused tea bag of course; you wouldn’t want them to end up with more stains. Also, you don’t have to use your premium yellow label; store brand pekoe will do the job just fine. Keep them off your feet and the road or a few days and they should be back to smelling pretty and good to last you a couple of more wears. Oh, and if it’s the in the insoles or orthotics that are smelly nasty, then gently hand wash them with your favorite shampoo.

Getting rid of the mud

Got mud on your shoes? Are you still alive? A muddy shoe situation is good enough to give a shoeaholic a terrible heart attack considering the love with which they’ve invested in their precious footwear. Getting mud off of your beautiful leather is relatively easy, it’s the non-leathers that just might give you a hard time. To avoid unwanted damage, scrape of as much mud as you can manually. If its crocs or non-leathers, scrub them with toothpaste and rinse, or run through a delicate machine wash cycle using cold water. You might want to wash laces (if any) separately to avoid a tangled mess. Also, don’t forget to put each shoe into a pillow case to protect both your shoes and the washing machine. Lastly, air dry away from direct sunlight. The sooner you’ll get rid of the mud, the easier it will be to clean them, and they’ll last longer.


And if you’ve already done too much damage to your shoes by destroying their sole after having worn tem a time too many, you can put the soul back in them by resoling them with some easy DIY steps on how to resole a shoe. Consequently, try mending broken heels by re-heeling them, it’s a lot cheaper and eco-friendly than ditching a pair and buying a new one altogether!

Image Credit goes to Birgit Brånvall, CC BY 3.0 no, via Wikimedia Commons