How To Select The Right Pair Of Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes on Bricks Photo
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Ballet Shoes on Bricks Photo

The first thing that a good dancer need is a ballet shoe. These are considered to be the first step into being a great dancer. Choosing the correct ballet shoe is very important and involves a very detailed process. There are so many ballet shoes in the market from those for dancers to those who just want to the look and comfort of a ballet flat like the ones from French brand Repetto

With so much to choose from how will you know which one is the best for you? If you are shopping for a new ballet shoe then here are several tips you can use to make sure that you are purchasing the shoe that best suits your needs.

1. Make sure that your ballet shoe fits perfectly.

Every ballet shoe is designed to help the dancer enhance her techniques while protecting the feet, especially the ankles. The ballet shoe should fit perfectly like a glove. But be careful not to choose a shoe that maybe too small for you. There should be enough room in the shoe for your toes to move. You can try the ballet shoes by raising up and balancing on the balls of your feet.

When your toes don’t seem to be crowded in the front of your ballet shoe, this is the perfect shoe for your size. It is important that when doing your techniques, your toes should also be relaxed and still has a lot of space to move around. If ever you find yourself struggling to choose between two different sizes, it is best to just choose the bigger one. Just remember not to buy a shoe that is a bit too snug.

2. Take a look at the material of the ballet shoe.

Ballet shoes are made up of different materials. There are leather material and canvas available. The choice of material is entirely up to you. The ones that are made of leather are usually more expensive but they are the more durable ones. It also lasts longer than the ones made of canvas. Many say that a ballet shoe made of leather can accentuate a pointed foot and it looks more elegant than the one made of canvas. But for some dancers they like the shoes made of canvas better as they are easier to clean and can be cleaned using the washing machine.

But another tip as to how you would choose the material of your ballet shoe is to consider the type of dance floor you will be dancing on. Ballet shoes made of leather are perfect for surfaces like wood but for canvas-made ballet shoes, they are perfect to be used on vinyl floors.

3. Look at the soles.

Ballet shoes are designed in 2 different sole types: Full or Split.

A full sole ballet shoe is very similar to a pointed shoe. This is very important for many dancers who are always ready to dance on their toes. Meanwhile, a half sole ballet shoe is used by some dancers who prefer their foot to be used to create a stronger point, since it is designed in a way that it is split between the heel and the toe. As you gain experience in your craft, you will learn more about what sole design is suited for you.


4. Look for the elastics.

When you are choosing your own ballet shoe, always remember that some ballet shoes are sold without some elastics. Elastics are materials placed on the ballet shoe so that it is secured to the feet. Most of the ballet shoes have elastics that are purposely left off since it is the dancer’s job to sew it. This is being done because it is important that the elastic fits right in the shoe and you are the only person who can do that. This is because the position of the elastic depends on the arch of your foot. Sewing the elastics is not really very difficult.   But if you don’t have that much talent on sewing, there are ballet shoes with pre-sewn elastics available in the market. Just make sure that it fits you just perfectly.

More advanced dancers usually use ballet shoes that are called Pointe Shoes.

If you are looking for such, here are several tips you can use:

  1. Check the flexibility of the shoe. This actually depends on how strong your foot is. Stiff ballet shoes are better for beginners since it gives them a challenge and are much harder to break in.
  2. Always pick a size that suits you best.
  3. Match the arch of the shoe to your arch.
  4. Select a shoe that has the right box height for your feet. Box height is the part of the shoe where it surrounds your toes.

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Tips For Buying Ballet Shoes

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