Go French Chic with Repetto Ballet Flats And Shoes For Women

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Everyone knows that shoes can make or break an outfit, so ensuring you pick the perfect pair is essential to looking stylish and put together.

Ballet flats are the ideal choice for when you want to look effortlessly chic while still maintaining comfort and all-day wearability. Repetto ballet flats are the superior choice for those with distinguished taste, who value timeless style and understand the ins and outs of fashion. There are many brands of ballet shoes on the market, but none of them compares to the quality and craftsmanship of Repetto.repetto 

The Story Of The Repetto Brand

The Repetto brand is a French shoe company founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto. When her son, famed choreographer Roland Petit was young, he would come home from ballet classes complaining of sore feet.

In response, Rose began making his ballet shoes with a stitch and return sewing process, in which the sole is sewn inside out and then turned right side out, giving the shoe unmatched flexibility and comfort. Thanks partly to this ground-breaking manufacturing style and the painstaking details that went into every shoe, Repetto blossomed into a thriving local business. Repetto shoes were soon worn by the Opera National de Paris and other well-known french ballet companies around the country.

In 1956, Repetto gained worldwide fame when the film Et Dieu…crea la femme featured its shoes on the feet of the stunning Brigitte Bardot. Soon after, in 1959, the company opened its most famous store, still in business today, at 22 Rue de la Paix in Paris. Recently, Repetto shoes have seen a resurgence in popularity as their reputation for having the finest craftsmanship coupled with comfort and suppleness-fundamental Repetto values- took off. In 2015, Repetto opened its first store in America in the New York City Soho neighborhood. Currently, Repetto offers high-quality shoes for men, women, and children and ready-to-wear fashions, small leather goods, and fragrances.

The 4 Top Styles Of Repetto Flats

Repetto offers many shoe options, but their four top ballerina-flat styles are undoubtedly the Shade, Lili, Camille, and Cendrillon.

The Shade Ballerina Flat

The Shade Ballerina Flat is the perfect option for wet-weather wear, with its rubber sole can go where leather soles can’t. The sole is sewn inside out during the manufacturing process before being turned right side out, ensuring that every stitch is pristine and you get the most comfortable and supple fit possible.

Repetto Ballerine Shade Gold 37.5 (US 6.5) M

Available in black goatskin suede and gold deer leather, the Shade Ballerina is an iconic part of the Repetto collection.


Cendrillon Ballerina Flat

The Cendrillon Ballerina Flat is a Repetto staple known worldwide as one of their most iconic styles. Bringing the beauty of a ballet dance shoe to the streets, there is no comparison to Cendrillon’s supple leather and all-day comfort.

Repetto continually adds new contemporary touches to its classic design, ensuring the Cendrillon Ballerina Flat never goes out of style. Currently available in twenty-nine colors in lambskin, patent leather, goatskin suede, and calfskin, there is a Cendrillon shoe to fit every style.


Lili Ballerina Flat

The Lili Ballerina Flat is the fraternal twin of the Cendrillon, featuring a rubber sole at its base. As elegant and timeless as ever, the Lili brings functionality and durability to your wardrobe, with the stitch and return technique that sets Repetto apart from the rest. Available in nine stunning colors in optional patent leather, lambskin, goatskin suede, or calfskin, each pair features a removable lambskin and foam insole, canvas lined interior, and leather-wrapped heel.


Camille Ballerina

The Repetto Camille Ballerinas are the perfect choice when you want a little height. Retaining the timeless Cendrillon shape with a modest 3cm heel, the Camille effortlessly mixes comfort and elegance for a versatile look. When you want a trendier look, these are your go-to shoe! Available in seven colors in Patent leather, Lambskin, and Nappa Calfskin, there’s a Camille Ballerina to fit every look.


Classic Ballet Flat Colors

Although available in almost every color imaginable, there’s an elegance in staying with the classics. When seeking a timeless look, pink and black are the most iconic choice for ballerina flats. Other popular colors include brown, navy, and nude.Classic Ballet Flats 

The Best Repetto Ballet Flat Alternatives

Although Repetto is an iconic brand, there are other Repetto dupes  you can choose that are well-crafted and beautiful but more within budget!


The Margaux brand offers high-quality ballerina flats that combine functionality with comfort and elegance. Made with plush padding for all-day wearability, Margaux shoes bring a modern elegance to every wardrobe. There are four Ballerina styles to choose from, for traditional beauty to modern trendiness. Our dupe pick for Repetto Cendrillon are  The Pointe.



The Rothys brand uses sustainable practices to offer shoes crafted to the highest standards. Adding a modern twist to the classic ballerina flat, each shoe pairs a fun design with extreme comfort. Choose from traditional colors and materials or go for a standout piece, whichever option you choose; Rothys attention to detail will have you coming back for more!


Allbirds Tree Breezers

When you want a shoe that offers breathability with unmatched flexibility, Allbirds Tree Breezers are for you. Crafted from Eucalyptus tree fiber material, each shoe is unique yet timeless in its style. Each flat is made from renewable materials that minimize odor, is machine washable, and conforms to your every move.

Best Stores To Shop For Women’s Ballet Flats

When you’re searching for high-quality and fashionable ballet flats, some stores stand apart for their unmatched selection. Each one has multiple options to fit every taste and style preference. The most recommended stores for anyone looking for high-quality and stylish ballet flats are Listed below.

Most Variety – Nordstrom Ballet Flats

Best Deals – DSW Ballet Flats 

Best Prices – Asos Ballet Flats

Classic Look – Madewell Ballet Flats

Trendiest – JustFab Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a timeless style that brings elegance to any outfit. Whether you choose the Shade, Cendrillon, Lili, or Camille, you can’t go wrong with these classic shoes. When quality and style matter, turn to Repetto for ballerina flats you’re sure to love! The Repetto brand is a trailblazer in the art of creating high-quality, comfortable shoes built to last a lifetime.

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