When and How Should You Coordinate Jewelry and Shoes?

Jewelry and Shoes
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Are you a fashionable lady who loves to experiment with mixing and matching your outfits? Then keep reading for some awesome ways to coordinate jewelry with your outfit, even your shoes! Matching your outfit with your accessories is a must for those days you want your outfit to look curated and complete.

There are plenty of ways to experiment with matching your clothes with your accessories, but here are some ideas you can try today. Check out these awesome styling tips you can try today for a complete look that will wow.

Pop of Color Perfection

Sometimes just what your outfit needs is a pop of color and what better way to incorporate this than awesome accessories? This idea works great for an event you may be going to. If the dress your wearing is a fairly neutral color and mostly solid, you can master this look effortlessly.

If you’re wearing an all-black, cream, or navy outfit, and you feel your outfit needs something more and can’t figure out what that something is, it’s probably some color contrast.

Consider the color of the season when figuring out what your pop of color will be. For spring and summer, pops of color like fuchsias or yellows are a great way to add some brightness to your look. For fall and winter, consider gold or red details, which are especially fitting for the holidays.

If your outfit has a pop of color detail in the print or stitching, make that color pop even more by matching your accessories to it. We love a unified look of matching that pop of color with a clutch, jewelry, and shoes for an outfit that shines. Matching your makeup, such as your lipstick, can take your look to the next level.

If you’re wearing a simple outfit for an everyday look, adding a red handbag, shoes, and earrings can be the excitement your outfits need.

Don’t Overdo It

While accessorizing with pops of color is a fun way to spice up a subdued outfit, it won’t work for every look. Sometimes your outfit may be the main attraction, which is totally okay! Don’t overdo a colorful or print heavy outfit with just as busy accessories.

If you have a print heavy or ultra-colorful outfit, pair with simple and classic pieces to even your look out. Simple metallics or diamonds can be a great go-to when you’re looking for accessories that don’t overwhelm. If you have a loud floral or striped dress, pair it with simple diamond studs and a swept up easy hair updo.

If you have a busy printed skirt or pants, pair it with a neutral tee or tank. Wear a simple pendant, like a floating locket, for a classic and meaningful style that is just right.

Unfamiliar with this necklace? Head here for your questions about floating lockets.

Let Your Jewelry Complement You

There are other aspects to consider when selecting jewelry, such as your skin tone and facial structure. If you have an event in which you’re wearing a minimal dress and professional updo hairstyle, a pair of statement earrings can be a great way to complete your look and draw attention to your face. A glittery pair of statement earrings can work to complement your eyes, so pick a pair that brings out your particular eye color for best results.

Likewise, your own unique face shape can help you figure out what earring type would best frame your face. If your face shape is more oval, consider studs or geometric earrings that will show off your cheekbones. If your face is heart-shaped, you may be better with a dangle earring.

Skin tones should also be taken into consideration when purchasing jewelry because you want something that will complement your skin. Gold jewelry will go best with darker or olive skin tones and hair. Silver is best for lighter skin tones and hair.

Once you’ve got your metals decided, figure out what gem tones work best for you. While warmer skin tones will be complemented by yellows and greens, lighter skin tones look great with reds, purples, and blues. Try out earrings at the store by holding them up to your face in a mirror before buying them to see which best works for you.

Black, White & Gold for a Regal Combo.

Have you tried this color combination yet? Here’s how!

We love an outfit incorporating gold, black and white for a bold look that can work in so many different environments. This look dazzles but still has a classic feel. For example, try pairing your slacks and blazer with a white button-down with glittery gold statement earrings that will make you look like a totally chic girl boss.

This is also a great color combination for the holidays, and any parties you may have coming up. Pair your black cocktail dress with a white clutch and heels plus a hint of gold jewelry.

Coordinate Jewelry for Full Outfit Glam

You can match your outfit so easily, just coordinate jewelry and accessories for a head to toe glow. Keep these tips in mind next time you put an outfit together or are shopping for an outfit for your next event. Make your outfit work for you, your unique style and personality!

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