Cool and Chic Ways to Combine Socks and Shoes this Summer

Ways to Combine Socks and Shoes
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Summertime means shorts, t-shirts, and open-toed shoes. Unfortunately, some people are not that comfortable seeing our feet. Some places will not let you in if you are only wearing sandals. When you are wearing shorts, people can see your socks, so you need the right socks and shoes to make your outfits work.

According to the website Printful, the shoe and sock combinations that you should wear depend on the style of shirt and pants that you have on. In some cases, you will want your shoes and socks to stand out. In other cases, they will take a backseat to the upper half of your outfit.

Super Casual

Although t-shirts and shorts are always considered casual wear, some combinations are considered super casual. If you are wearing a printed t-shirt with athletic shorts, you will want to wear low-top sneakers—either a solid color or an athletic style of sneaker. Quarter socks and crew socks will look good with this super casual style. You can also wear no-show socks.

You will see some people wearing high tops with super casual looks. Remember that you should always wear a pair of quarter socks if you are going to wear high tops. High tops look strange without socks. They can also cause your feet to sweat excessively.

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Medium Casual

Medium casual is the kind of look that a person might wear to a barbecue, a beach party, or an outdoor happy hour. Beach bars often have a medium casual dress code. Examples of this look would include a plain t-shirt with a Hawaiian shirt over it and denim shorts or a designer tee shirt and slightly longer canvas shorts.

If you wear a plain shirt with shorts and sneakers, consider wearing socks that you design yourself. There are on-demand websites on the internet that allow you to upload a design and print it on the pair of socks of your choice. People often create socks with images of their favorite pet, food, or words.

Some people wear socks and sandals with mid-range casual wear. However, most fashion experts would recommend a simple low sneaker for men or a canvas shoe for women. You should never wear athletic shoes with this look. They will just look out of place with this kind of outfit.

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Dressy Casual

Some places in the country get so hot that men wear shorts with dress shirts and loafers to work. You should never wear visible socks with loafers. You can wear no-show socks or simply go al fresco.

Women often dress up in mini skirts or short shorts with knee socks. Knee socks make short girls look taller and add length to their legs. You will generally wear knee socks with boots, but they can be worn with all kinds of shoes. They look good with oversized shoes. If you like to play around with contrasting styles in your outfits, you can even wear knee socks with hiking boots and a short skirt.

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The right shoes and socks can bring your outfit together. With the right kicks, you can be the hit of all your summer events.

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