7 Things You Should Always Wear on a Private Jet From Head to Toe

7 Things you should Always Wear on a Private Jet From Head to Toe
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Just envision the hustle and bustle that envelops you on a commercial flight overseas. From passengers fidgeting in a crowded cabin to a parent trying to console a crying infant, you feel confined if not trapped. No wonder you put so much thought into what you are wearing. Comfort is the order of the day.

Now envision that you are in the luxurious cabin of a private jet winging your way to your destination in style.

Despite the prestigious venue, both style and comfort are no less important. Here are the seven things you should always wear on a private jet.

1. Matching Styles

If you are new to the world of private jet travel, knowing what to wear can be the difference between carefree anticipation of your trip or the interminable misery of staring into the seemingly optionless abyss of a clothes closet.

Not to worry. Just remember the “when in Rome” edict.

If you are traveling for business, dress business. If you are winging your way to a vacation destination, then ensure you reflect a stylish comfort commensurate with your fellow passengers.

2. Loose and Easy

While you will not have to contend with the cramped seats and nominal leg room of a commercial flight, wearing clothes that are not restrictive is still the order of the day. Besides personal comfort, there is another reason why you will want to wear comfortable fitting clothes to help avoid deep vein thrombosis or “DVT.”

7 Things you should Always Wear on a Private Jet From Head to Toe

Whether on a commercial airliner or a private plane, DVT is a potential risk on any long haul flight. Comfortable clothing is one solution. Taking full advantage of being able to get up and stretch your legs without having to squeeze by a fellow passenger in the seat next to you is a luxury you should take full advantage of.

3. The Right Scent

While wearing perfume, or in the case of a man, cologne, on a plane has traditionally been a no-no, there is nothing wrong with a subtly seductive scent that adds to the overall cabin ambiance.

Even the airlines are realising that the right cabin scent addresses an “unfulfilled need in the VIP aviation and business-jet market” with the introduction of dry scent cartridges.

Just be sure to choose a fragrance that is not too strong or overpowering.

4. Classy but Comfortable

When it comes to footwear, even when traveling in luxury on a private jet, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Choosing a casual shoe does not automatically mean that you have to forego style, while a more formal form of footwear does not have to involve six-inch stiletto spikes. A good rule of thumb is to follow the lead of flight attendants.

Spending a considerable amount of time standing during a flight, attendants wear “terminal shoes.” Stylish yet practical, these shoes have a maximum heel height of 3-inches.

There is also nothing wrong with switching to comfortable slippers at 30,000 feet providing they are not weather-beaten worn or look as if your dog has used them as a chew toy.

5. Vanity Is In The Eyes

Regardless of whether you are traveling on a private jet plane or a commercial airliner, always wear glasses in place of contact lenses.

The combination of dry air and cabin pressure can make your eyes feel like you are staring into a desert dust storm, so forego vanity for practical comfort so that you can enjoy the view from your window seat.

Just make sure that your fashion eyewear doesn’t make fellow passengers think of Dame Edna.

If you must wear contacts, be sure to use common sense. Just as scruffy shoes will detract from even the best attire, bloodshot eyes that make you look like you haven’t slept in days will not attract the right attention.

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6. Carrying Yourself with Style

While it is easy to focus on how you look and the image you are projecting when traveling, remember this: your carry-on travel bag and luggage is an extension of you.

You should put as much thought into your carry-on luggage as you do in what you will be wearing.

Fortunately, there are many smart and very affordable options to choose from. However, remember that just because you are on a private jet plane, it doesn’t mean that you have an unlimited number of bags you can bring on board.

7. Wear a Smile

Wearing a smile and a pleasant demeanor is essential with air travel in general – perhaps even more so in the close quarters of a private jet cabin.

If you are a guest be mindful of your host. Allow them to board the plane first as they may have a favorite seat.

When on the plane be polite and respectful of the cabin crew. While the crew’s job is to make your journey as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, they are not there to be ordered about like the cupbearers or squires on Game Of Thrones.

Remember, true style is not just a reflection of what you wear but how you act.

Frequent Miles

Traveling by private jet is no longer a luxury available to a select few. With Uber-like services and more affordable rates, the appeal and convenience of taking a private flight are now accessible to more people than ever before.

Adhering to the above mentioned tips will make your experience on a private jet as memorable and enjoyable as your time spent at your destination.

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