The Benefits of Water Shoes

Water shoes / swim shoe in Pink neoprene on rocks in water on beach. Closeup detail of the feet of a woman wearing bright pink neoprene water shoes standing on rocks at the edge of the ocean.
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Water Shoes

Carrying on from the wetsuit option, before you take to the water this summer, you need to consider the type of shoes to wear to suit the weather and the water.

When it comes to beach activity, you need protection from stepping on sharp rocks, hot sand, and wayward pieces of coral.

Most water shoes have thick soles to protect your feet from anything you might stand on; some may even have a protective shield to save you from stubbed toes.

You will appreciate these safety features when wading through water that is rocky underfoot.

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If you are planning on going boating, then there are boat and deck shoes that are designed for just this purpose. These will prevent you from slipping by offering you a better grip on these slippery surfaces.

While these are the most practical shoes for out of the water activity, they aren’t necessarily great in the water.

One other consideration is that if you have a hike to get to the beach, and are planning to go into the water, you might need to take two pairs of shoes – one pair for the hike and a pair for the water.

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Remember that sun protection doesn’t just come in one bottle of sunscreen, there are many tips and tricks you can use to make sure you have the protection you need for your summer vacations.

Keep these tips handy to maintain healthy and vibrant skin for longer, and to ensure you have a great time at the beach this summer.

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