Best Shoe Crease Protectors & Methods To Keep Your Shoes Looking New

Shoe Crease Protector
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Every shoe lover knows the importance of a shoe crease protector. The reason for this is that shoe creases wear your shoes from boots to sneakers and leather loafers, crease wear out the shoes quickly and make them look ugly. Therefore using the best shoe crease protector is a good decision.

Shoe crease protectors are easy to use; you only need to insert them into your shoes. You can wear them with your shoes and leave them in when you are not wearing them.

Shoe crease protectors are available in several options; however, here are the three best that will prevent your shoes from developing creases.

Our Top 3 Recommended Shoe Crease Protector Brands 

Sneak Geek 2 Pairs Sneaker Crease Protectors for Mens Shoes 8-12

1. Sneak Geek Shoe Protector

This shoe protector is made from flexible material to smoothen existing creases and prevent the formation of new ones. It provides maximum protection and will fit in most sneakers. In addition, the softness of the material provides comfort for your feet.

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Sneak Geek 2 Pairs Sneaker Crease Protectors for Mens Shoes 8-12

2. ERGOfoot 6 Pairs Anti-Wrinkles Shoe Crease Protector

This washable and breathable soft foam protector is durable and will fit most shoes regardless of their type. It is durable and easy to use, and you can adjust it for the best fit. Moreover, the pack comes with six crease protectors, meaning that you always have an extra pair handy.

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3. Comfowner Shoe Crease Protector Toe Box

Comfowner shoe crease protector is comfortable, breathable, and will extend the life of your shoes. The pack contains two pairs of black and white crease protectors and adhesive strips. The protectors can be trimmed to fit your shoes or feet.

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2 Pair - Shoes Crease Protector Against Shoe Creases, for Running Casual Shoes Toe Box Crease Protector, Soft Material, for Men's US Size 7.5-12

How to Not Crease Shoes

Shoe creases damage your shoes and reduce their life span and appearance. Nevertheless, it is preventable. These steps will prevent shoe creases when you get a new pair of shoes:

  1. Buy a perfect fit – It is important to buy shoes that are your size. A little bigger or smaller makes the shoe crease, but it also makes your feet uncomfortable.
  2. Use high-quality shoes – Shoes made with high-quality materials tend to crease less or not. Cheap-quality shoes are made with less durable materials, which cause them to wrinkle quicker and wear out quickly.
  3. Walk properly – It may not look like it, but the way you walk can determine if your shoe creases or not. Walking on your toes can cause wrinkles and reduce the lifespan of your shoes.
  4. Avoid using one pair of shoes often – Wearing a shoe often will cause it to reach its mileage quicker. It can also cause creases in the shoes.
  5. Use a shoe crease protector – When you buy new shoes and do not want them to wrinkle, you should consider purchasing a crease protector. Wear the shoes with the protectors and when you are not wearing the shoes, leave the protectors in them.
  6. Lace your shoes properly – When you tie your shoelaces properly, there is little room for your feet to move around.

How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are classy and costly; therefore, you should do all you can to elongate their lives. If your leather shoes have creases, here is what you can do to straighten them out.

  1. If the crease is new and mild, massage the shoe frequently until the wrinkle smoothens.
  2. Get a shoe tree. Shoe trees are great for preserving shoe shapes. Leave your wrinkled leather shoes on the tree. You should see excellent results after two weeks.

ZJHSXDR 10 Pairs Plastic Shoe Tree Stretcher Shaper for Men (Black)

  1. You can massage your leather shoes with oil. If you want to preserve the leather, it is best to use only shoe oils. Add a few drops of the oil to the wrinkle on your leather shoes and massage. You may have to repeat this often.

Sof Sole Mink Oil for Conditioning and Waterproofing Leather, 3.5-Ounce, Limited Edition

  1. Heat is known to clear wrinkles; therefore, another way to get creases out of leather shoes is to iron them out. However, you should not use a hot iron as it can damage the leather. First, fill in your shoe with old newspapers or clothes to get it in a sturdy shape. Afterward, place a damp cloth on the wrinkle and iron with a moderately heated iron. A blow dryer or streamer can get the job done as well.

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  1. If the crease on your favorite leather shoes does not smoothen out despite trying all the steps above, you may have to visit a professional. A cobbler can fix extreme wrinkle cases by removing the upper layer and refixing it.

The best way to keep your leather shoes in good shape after smoothening out creases is to get a shoe tree. Leave your leather shoes on the tree when you are not using them, and they will maintain their shape.

How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

Getting wrinkled shoes is normal and does not mean you are doing anything wrong. You can remove creases from almost all shoe types in two ways.

Removing Shoe Crease With Heat

Heat is effective in removing wrinkles from any shoe type. Whether it’s a sneaker, boot, leather, suede, or sandals, applying a bit of heat will keep your shoes in great shape. You can use heat (blow dryer, heat gun, iron, steamer) to remove wrinkles in four steps.

  1. Clean and stuff your shoes to get them in the best shape.
  2. Apply a damp cloth or towel over the wrinkled parts that you need to apply heat.
  3. Apply moderate heat to the damp cloth and leave it on until it cools down.
  4. Air dry your shoes and unstuff.

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Removing Shoe Creases Without Heat 

If you are not a fan of heat or are concerned about heat damaging your shoes, here are two ways to remove the creases.

  1. Shoe tree – Shoe trees are essential to keep your shoes looking new and smooth. Leaving your shoes on a shoe tree when before and after use will make them last longer.


  1. Use a shoe crease protector – You can buy several brands depending on the shoe type—a crease protector help to prevent your shoe from creasing when you wear them.

Sof Sole Crease Preventer, Multi1, Medium-Men's 8-11/Women's 10.5-12

  1. Massage with oil or conditioner – Shoe oil or conditioner works better in removing creases from leather shoes. Moisten the shoe will the oil and massage until the wrinkle smoothens.

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Shoes with creases appear old and worn out in no time, so investing in shoe trees and crease protectors can help. You can easily prevent your shoes from getting wrinkled by wearing them correctly and buying the right fit.

In addition, you do not have to visit the cobbler to get creases out of your shoes. Applying heat or massaging with shoe oil can do the trick.

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