6 Accessories That Will Go Well with Your Leather Shoes

leather shoe accessories
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It is almost impossible to imagine a time in which wearing and accessorising with leather was not in fashion. Leather and suede have been worn for thousands of years, a clothing staple as old as our relationship with domesticated animals.

Over the years, men’s leather has come to signify machismo, pride, class, and power. Worn Western wear, during wartime or even on the catwalk, leather is truly a material that never dates. It has aged in style throughout the decades and continues to be a clothing, shoe, and accessory staple many cannot live without! Let’s take a look at some ways leather shoes can be paired with accessories – any day, anytime.

1. Cowboy Hat

If you live in cowboy country or simply appreciate Western wear, this one’s for you! For those of you who enjoy leather boots and denim, your outfit would be incomplete without a cowboy hat. Of course, the hat comes off at the dinner table, in church, and always during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, but otherwise, accessorising your outfit with a hat is the perfect way to enjoy life in the South!

Strutting around in leathers and a Western hat, you should be prepared to have all eyes on you. If you do not enjoy so much attention, but you do appreciate it when others notice your taste, a wallet is likely the perfect accessory.

2. Wallet

A wallet is one of the smoothest and most subtle ways to express your style. Pulling your wallet out at the end of a date, or when you’re ready to pay at the end of the evening, you would never want to be embarrassed about where you keep your cards and cash. But, what does your current wallet say about you?

If the occasion is more formal, a slimmer stunning leather wallet would work better. Quality wallets are usually handmade, something folks at bullsheathleather.com/leatherbifoldwalletmenswallet have known from the start. The recommendation is that when you invest in quality, the return will be favourable.

The look of a leather shoe is elevated by accessories, especially complementing the colour of your shoe. From the typical black and shades of brown, there are many colours of leather that are guaranteed to inspire the most conservative dresser. But, for brave men willing to make a fashion statement, eye-catching rings are a step in the right direction. If you love men’s leather wallets, but don’t want to contribute to animal cruelty, there are great vegan leather alternatives. Choose high-quality vegan leather that doesn’t scratch, break or peel. 

3. Eye-Catching Ring

Is there a more interesting way to flaunt your dress sense than with a catchy ring? Rings are definitely not for all men, but they are an excellent accessory that will definitely draw attention to you – and your entire outfit.

Though a ring may not have been what you thought could perfectly complement your leather shoes, between being seen as edgy and sophisticated, there will be a ring to match your appearance. Knowing that men could struggle with their ring selection, BusinessInsider wrote back in 2014 about how and when men should wear rings. And since then, the fashion trend has only continued!

If you’re still in doubt over whether you should try it out, head over to your local jewellery store offering men’s options to get some professional feedback on various rings. Pair them with your favourite leather shoes – even matching them with various shoe colours – and see if something strikes.

4. Leather Wristwatch

For smarter occasions, a wristwatch could be an excellent partner to those leather dress shoes. For a night out with friends or your beautiful wife, step up the style with a watch in your favourite colour.

Having the potential to style a power watch, the simplicity of a statement wristwatch to accessorise your outfit is highly underrated. There are countless stores now offering a watch in endless designs to peak male interest, and if you are looking for a way to step up your game, a magnificent wristwatch will do just that.

5. Belt

An accessory that has somewhat fallen out of priority in fashion trends is an outstanding belt. And as with any fashion style, there are many options. Primarily, your choice is to match your simple brown, black, or even oxblood coloured shoes with a belt. However, this can sometimes look too formal and serious.

If you’re ready to take your outfit to a new level, you could buy some statement leather shoes to match a simple belt. Or – and perhaps a more trendy option – is to match your leathers with a fashionable, funky coloured belt! And if you dare, you are certainly encouraged to wear a cool complimentary leather colour combination of shoes and belt.

6. Leather Jacket

And lastly, how could we forget about a leather jacket? Classic and styled for all-kinds of occasions, a leather jacket really is the perfect accessory to complement leather shoes. Adorned with zips, buckles, extravagant lapels, and different hood features, leather jackets can be worn and loved by anyone.

Some of the most loved styles include the biker jacket and biker grunge. But, one of the oldest formal leather pieces is a field jacket, designed for military wear. Linked very closely are bomber jackets, originally designed for pilots during wartime. Regardless of your choice in colour or style, there is a leather jacket for you! The suave look of matched leather shoes and a jacket is unmissed, offering style in return for respect.

Own Your Style

Initially made out of necessity, leather became and has remained a much-loved material. Due to its versatility, durability, and simple chic, leather can be a go-to staple or integral to a statement outfit.

Fashion has developed over the decades from icons and risk-takers in every part of the globe stepping out of the norm to create and brand their own style. And although there are some rules, they are meant to be broken too!

The most important thing is that you are confident in your outfit and ready to share your interpretation of fashion with the world. But there is no need to worry about this trusted material and timeless trend! If you’re styling leather items, there is almost no way that you can go wrong.

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