Heaven Sent: Fold-Up Ballet Flats

FitInClouds.com sent me these “Clouds” to review. “Clouds” are portable flats that fold and fit in an included drawstring pouch. They look like classy ballet slippers, but they have a thick rubber sole to provide protection and comfort while walking. You can carry these in your handbag to have easy access to a comfortable and stylish solution for when your feet hurt from wearing high heels to work, parties, clubs, etc.

I received the “Royal Gold” as shown above, which are currently on sale for only $17.06 with free shipping to US and Canada. But they are available in a array of colors including…

  • White Wedding (perfect to wear after the ceremony and to the dance)
  • Pretty in Pink (remember, pink is my favorite color)
  • Back in Black (these would match anything and everything)
  • Ocean Blue with Diamonds (these remind of Manolo Blahnik’s blue pumps)

For under $20, this investment will save a lot of aching feet! Visit FitInClouds.com for more details and to order.

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