Choosing the Best Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes
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Going places through walking is a necessity of life. It is usually done when you feel like getting some sun and shedding some few pounds or inches off your body, or you just want to go places. Regardless of the intent, choosing the right walking shoes that are accustomed to your feet should be a priority. Fashion may be one of the factors, and so with the price or brand. But what really matters is that you have a pair that will go comfortably with you,  regardless of terrain or occasion.

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When Do Your Shoes Retire?

Before sharing some tips with you on choosing the right walking shoes, let me brief you you about how you can determine that it’s time you should replace your shoes.

  1. Just like everything else in this planet, shoes also have its lifespan. According to many shoe manufacturers, a pair of walking shoes would last about 300 to 500 miles of walking on a straight and stable ground.
  2. Shoes also need to be replaced, just like your toothbrush. You should have a new pair every 3 to 6 months to assure that whatever you are wearing won’t be torn apart before having another twosome that you can use. If you are walking for about 12 to 15 hours a month, then 6 months should be long. But if over an hour a day, then 3 months should be long already.
  3. Minimal damage on the sole and heels already indicate that these shoes are no longer stable for walking and providing you the protection you need.

Buying a New Pair of Shoes

  • Bring the old pair: When you are going to a store to get a new pair, bring your old ones so that you can compare the feeling of your feet from wearing something old and new. The wear pattern on your old pair can indicate how the new ones should feel like.
  • Test the new pair before buying it: Do not be afraid in doing this part. If the shoe company is serious in providing a quality pair of shoes, they will not be afraid of letting your wear a pair and test it. Walking shoes bend on the ball of the foot. The heel should rise when the foot is flat. Twist the shoe to confirm its flexibility.
  • Bring a pair of walking socks: As you need to make sure that the pair you will buy should have enough room for your feet to breathe when walking, wear a pair of walking socks, and see that the couple you will get has enough space to move comfortably.

Now that you know how to pick those perfect pair of footwear, go get walking and be sure to stay active as much as possible.

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