Too Many Shoes? Here’s What to Do Now

too many shoes
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Is it possible to have too many shoes? If your closet and shelving are overflowing with pairs that haven’t been worn in years, those are signs that you have more than you need. If that’s the case, here’s a strategy to downsize effectively.

But First, Why Downsize?

If you can’t bear to give up any of your high heels, sneakers, or other styles, then here are some things to consider. Firstly, look at the clutter that comes from having so many possessions.

Whether you realize it or not, material clutter can create chaos in both in your physical space and in your mental one. Clutter can stress you out simply by looking at it because of its disorganization. It reminds you that you still need to sort it, which is yet another task to add to your growing to-do list.  

Furthermore, if you’re not wearing all the shoes, why not give them to someone who can make use of them? The chances are good that you’ve kept the footwear in perfect condition, so consider selling or donating a good proportion of your pairs to someone else.

Sell or Donate Shoes

There are many online marketplaces to sell used items and several non-profits that are looking for “gently used” donations. These shoes aren’t getting worn in your home, so why not share the love?

Your family and friends might also love to get one or two pairs from you. Think about who has complimented your fashion choices lately and ask them for their shoe size. An unexpected present is a great one!

A bonus, if you sell some of your shoe collection, is that you can get some extra money back on your original purchase. That extra money can go toward home improvements, such as installing a column radiator in a horizontal or vertical style.

This upgrade can significantly improve the warmth you feel in a room, as well as providing a stylish appearance. Add a new piece of art above the radiator to showcase the wall, whether it’s in your living room, bathroom, or another part of the house.

Follow the One In, One Out Rule

If you still want to get new heels or boots, though, it’s going to be hard to stop you! The problem is that you’ll only be adding the clutter right back into your closet. 

Instead, stay on top of the shoe collection by practicing the “one in, one out” rule. Essentially, that means that for each new pair you buy, you must donate or sell a couple that you already own. 

Following this method allows you to update your shoe collection without it getting out of hand like before. You’ll be able to wear the latest styles without shoes spilling out every time you open your closet.

Final Words for the Shoe Lover 

As you sort through the footwear you own, think about which ones you no longer wear and consider donating or selling them. While you might feel like more is, well, more, the reality is that the opposite is true.

With fewer shoes, you will be able to wear the ones you own more often, thus getting more out of your purchase. Plus, if you sell some pairs you don’t wear anymore, you’ll get some extra money!

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