The Many Reasons for Sensational Shoes

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The reasons are endless: work, weddings, proms, graduations, baptisms, baby showers, bridal showers, bris ceremonies, and holiday parties. Of course, there are many more reasons for different styles of shoes. On any occasion, we all want to look our best to impress. I went online to shop for shoes and dresses, and I was overwhelmed at how many options there were. I scrolled through page after page of different colors, styles, and prices. I just wanted to get a pair of shoes that would match my dress.

An average shoe aficionado owns at least twenty pairs of shoes. My closet is bursting with shoes. Some, I admit, haven’t been worn yet. I have lost count. Sometimes I feel as if I am the character Carrie Bradshaw (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) from the hit TV show, Sex and the City. I am addicted to shoes and dresses. Finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with beautiful dresses can make you feel like a queen.

How Do You Select the Perfect Shoe?

Keep in mind that your shoes, whether stilettos or flats, are an extension of your body. It also depends on the occasion and season. Try the “mirror method” to see if your dress and shoes complement each other. Put your entire outfit on and look at it in multiple ways to see if it works for you.

Religious Ceremony

For something like a baptism, bris, or a bar mitzvah, a simple dress with floral designs or a fresh and gentle pattern would work well. Pumps will nicely complement this spring-like dress.

Cocktail Parties

This is where you bring out that little black dress of yours and have your Carrie Bradshaw moment. Strappy heels or straight heel pumps will make you feel sexy and powerful.


It depends on what type of wedding as to what shoes you will wear. For an informal wedding in the summer, you can wear a sundress with high heels, flats, or sandals, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. For evening weddings, you can wear a long dress or gown. For shoes, you can wear strappy heels, platforms, or chic pumps that compliment the dress and color. Remember, you want your shoes to be comfortable when you start dancing at the party.

Shoe Aficionado

I admit that I have broken the bank a few times on purchasing beautiful shoes. Shoes make your entire presentation sparkle. My habit was getting out of control, and I don’t have a large bank account to support my habit. But it was hard to stop.

During a potluck lunch at my job, I was chatting with my co-worker, Jenny. Every single day she dresses to impress and has a new pair of matching shoes to wear. I was curious and I asked her how can she afford such amazing designer shoes with our low pay scale? Jenny told me about the buy now, pay later arrangement. You can get the shoes and dresses that make you feel grand now and pay for them at a later time.

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?

The concept of “buy now, pay later” is a long-term payment option. Many stores online have this arrangement. Here are some benefits:

  • Interest-free period
  • No additional interest or fees
  • Set monthly payment amounts
  • Deferred billing payment options
  • The period lasts from six months up to a year
  • No credit check and no down payment options
  • Numerous stores offer this program

This program is a great way to build up your wardrobe without going into huge debt. That works for me. Well, I know I will never have Imelda Marcos’ famous 3000 shoe collection, but enough to fill up my closet and make me look great is all I need. I can do so with this buy now, pay later plan, also known as a layaway option.

Considering what is going on in our world right now, this is a great way to keep up your look and still have amazing shoes and dresses that your friends will be envious of. You can show your new looks through social media or group chats like ZOOM. Just because you have to stay home due to this pandemic, there is no reason that you can’t look good. Look good, feel great! A quote from the character Carrie Bradshaw says, “You don’t need a diamond ring when you can have a really big closet!”

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