How Not to Slip and Die in Heels

benefits of wearing high heels
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If you wear high heels every day, you get accustomed to the lack of mobility, discomfort, and instability that can come with looking stylish. But if you don’t, wearing heels is a risk. You worry about getting a stiletto stuck in a street grate, or stumbling and breaking your ankle. Or worse, slipping and embarrassing yourself in front of a crowd of people.

Fear no more! While not much can be done about the discomfort, there are ways for you to walk at least a little more confidently.

Find Your Size

If you are wearing high heels that are uncomfortable, chances are you might not be buying the right size. A shoe that is too big can be difficult to walk in. A shoe that is too small will pinch your feet and be extremely uncomfortable. Instead of just buying the same size as your flats, you might want to try a variety of sizes in the store to get the best size to fit your feet. Since your feet sit differently in heels, it is best to get that middle ground size that is neither too loose or too tight. You will be more comfortable, and you will be able to walk better.

Find Your Fit

Another tip to being more comfortable in high heels is to get your right fit. Not all heels are made equally, which means that a stiletto might not be the best fit for you. Instead, you might want to try a wedge or a thicker heel. Finding the right style that fits your foot shape is the best way to go since you don’t want to be walking around in shoes that are made for narrow feet, and if straps bother your feet, you might want to opt for a shoe that is slip on only.

Find Your Sole

When you start to find the right shoe, you always want to find the best sole. Some heels are made with slippery bottoms that are not great for supporting the body while walking, especially in tall heels. Instead, you should find the soles with rubber bottoms and with ridges for the best traction to prevent you from falling while walking around in your gorgeous high heels.

Be Aware of Your Footing

If you’re strutting around in heels, pay close attention to where your feet land. Avoid slippery surfaces like polished tile when you can, and give “slippery floor” warning signs a wide berth. Walking in grass can be just as treacherous. Your stilettos may sink into the soft soil and get stuck; or if you’re wearing platform wedges, the uneven terrain can lead to an ankle injury. If at all possible, keep your destination’s terrain in mind when picking the day’s footwear.


Wearing high heels doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable and risky. In fact, you can wear high heels without feeling like you are about to slip, fall, and die (even if the death is just by embarrassment). By following the tips above, you can learn to confidently and comfortably wear high heels just because you enjoy wearing them.

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