How to Walk in High Heels

How to Walk in High Heels
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How to Walk in High Heels

High heels can match with almost any kind of outfit for women. They tend to make them look like supermodels but wearing them never comes easy. These are not like any other types of shoes that you will buy and put them on the following day without any challenges. There are issues of blisters and pain and more than that, the challenge of walking in them.  Even those who have been wearing them for the longest time can find some difficulties walking in them. To learn and get used to walking on heels, one has to learn and keep practising. Here is how one can learn how to walk in heels.

Useful Requirements  

  • Learn the Posture

It all begins here – your posture. To walk on heels, your body should be taken back to the state of a perfect poise, balance and posture. This is achieved through the Alexander Technique that re-educates your neuro-muscular system to produce this effect. This technique is a means to feel better and move in a manner that is comfortable and more relaxed as natured would recommend.

  • Build Inner Core Strength

Working your inner core is one of the important exercises in helping you walk better. Actually, a good posture will require you to have a stable core. Pilates exercises are recommended for working your core and building a good walking posture.

  • Walk on Your Feet Balls

It is helpful to walk around on your feet balls prior to putting on high heels. This helps to strengthen your ankles and legs in general. Using your feet to write the alphabets on a daily basis is also recommended for purposes of strengthening the 38 feet muscles. This can be done on the couch or in bed.

Walking on High Heels

After you have done all the necessary preparations and exercises, it is now time to put on your high heels. Your feet should now be ready to undertake this important exercise:

  • Making the Steps

Doing a Y-step is always recommended when getting started. As you step, you should always endeavour to land on the heel’s outer border and toe off. Lead with the balls of your feet and not the heel in order not to make the high heel collapse and cause you an injury or accident.

  • Things to Remember

Here are things you will need to do to help you coordinate your walking high heels: your head should be held high; pull in your abdominal muscles; leave the pelvis in a neutral position, press your chest downwards and then the Y-step.

  • Walking on Different Surfaces

Engage the calf muscles by lifting your body higher in the stilettos when walking on grass. This gets to elevate your heels slightly over the grass preventing them from sinking. Along the streets, walk lightly and always lead with the feet balls.

Important Things to Note

To be able to walk successfully without much complication, you must make sure that the shoe fits you well. The foundation upon which you are walking should be firm enough to make your walking easy. Here is how to ensure that the shoe fits in well:

    • The feet balls should rest on the wider part of the shoe
    • Take the size of your bigger foot
    • The length of the shoe is determined by the longest toe

Remember to carry with you some flat shoes to change during the day. This will help you avoid throbbing feet. You will not learn how to walk in high heels by allowing that pain on you all day long.

Final Remarks

A number of aspects come into play when it comes to learning how to walk in high heels. First, you must be sure that you got the right pair of high heels as explained in here.

Trying to walk on high heels that don’t fit you perfectly is going to be a lot stressful for you. Therefore, it is important you get the right shoes along with doing the right exercises and preparations for your feet to walk on high heels. Your posture and putting the ball of the foot forward will make all the difference when it comes to making the actual walking.

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