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Do you love your Birkenstocks? These shoes have a long history of coming in and out of style for decades. The one thing that stays consistent beyond the signature sandal design is that they rarely go on sale!  We’ve rounded up a few stores that are authorized dealers of Birkenstock and run sales a few times a year. Check them out and see if a current sale is going on. 

What are Birkenstock Sandals?

First made popular in the 1970s by the peace and love generation of hippies, who wore them with flowing skirts and tie-dye shirts, the Birkenstock legacy actually dates back to 1896 and it all started with simple footbed insoles.

Their style was quickly adopted by flower children in San Francisco, who based their fashion choices on wanting to look different than their parents. While Birkenstock sandals fell out of fashion during the 1980s, the company had a strong following of brand loyalists, which helped keep them in business.

In the early 1990s Birkenstock Sandals also known as Birkstocks  came back in a big way, due to a surge in popularity among high-school and college-aged Gen Xers. But, unlike the decade between the 70s and the 90s, Birkenstock never completely faded from the fashion scene.

Today, they are just about as popular as they were in the 1970s and you can find them gracing the feet of celebrities , teens, college students, and soccer moms.

Why are Birkenstocks so expensive?

Jumping on the Birkenstock bandwagon comes at a price. Most sandals run about $100 or more. However, you can score yourself a pair for half that price or less if you keep an eye out for sales at an authorized reseller store. 

Birkenstocks are more expensive than other types of sandals for a few reasons – one is the brand name is associated with German quality design and materials. The shoes are made to last using quality leather and cork. The raw materials are expensive and so is importing from Germany where labor is higher. 

What is Birkenstock 1774?

Birkenstock 1774 is the new higher end, luxury line of sandals that are collaborations with top design houses. These sandals have the same basic form as traditional Birks but add in the luxury element. These are very pricy and usually start at above $400. Collabs include top designers like Jill Sanders, Proenza Shueller and others! See what is new at Birkenstock 1774 on their website. 

Authorized Retailers of Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Zappos 

Shop all styles of Birkenstock from classic two strap  sandals for women, men and kids and even new summer style Birkenstock wedges! Usually they are full price on Zappos but a few times a year they do run a sale. So check back often and see if you can get your next pair of comfy Birks for sale at Zappos. 


Bloomingdales is an authorized seller of Birkenstocks and often has Mens styles on sale! Shop Birkenstocks at Bloomingdales here. 


A few times a year Birkenstocks are available on Gilt the luxury discount deal site! Birkenstock is back on Gilt – check out the great offers while they last!

Shop Birkenstock Women starting at $69.99!

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Cheaper Alternatives to Birkenstocks

Betula Licensed by Birkenstock 

Betula Licensed by Birkenstock sandals are another affordable option. Regularly about half the price of Birkenstocks, you can get a pair on sale or clearance for about $30. Built on a platform of cork, they offer reliable support for all four arches of your foot. 

The comfort, style, and environmentally-friendly way Birkenstock Sandals are made ensure they will never entirely fade from fashion. And their durability means you can buy a pair now and wear them from one decade to the next.

How To Find Clearance Birkenstocks
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