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Although dancing today takes on many different forms, they all have one thing in common, foot pain. Dancing can put a lot of wear and tear on the feet. Whether you tap, swing, or pull on the pointe shoes each week, if you want to continue dancing throughout your life, it is best to take care of feet and skin now, and do what you can to mitigate the worst effects of dancing.

1. Sneakers with Flexible Support

Dancers should wear flat, comfortable shoes during daily activities. Sneakers are usually the best option due to the support they offer. It is best for a dancer to choose a sneaker that is designed for running because they offer flexibility against the entire foot. The sole of a running sneaker contains a flexible design that offers a curved and supportive structure, which a dancer sorely needs.

2. Neosporin
Whether it is ballet or hip hop, dancing shoes cause a lot of blisters. Just leaving them alone can be a big mistake since shoes rubbing against raw blisters can be painful. The best way to heal blisters is by using Neosporin. Rub the liquid onto the blister and wrap it with a protective covering. It usually takes two or three days, but eventually the skin will dry up and the blister can be removed. Meanwhile, keep blisters covered with a wrap or band-aid while dancing.

3. Alegria Shoes
Best known for their clogs, Alegria shoes offer supportive footwear that live for comfort. Options for both men and women are available in Alegria shoe shops. Although their clogs are very popular, they also offer a variety of options, such as winter boots. Each shoe comes with four layers of supportive materials that result in the most comfortable shoe money can buy.

4. Professional Insoles
If a dancer is dealing with a lot of pain, it would be wise for them to talk to their doctor about receiving professional insoles. Insoles offer cushioning as well as support, and can be fitted into any shoe. These can be placed into dancing shoes or even street shoes. Either way, they make a huge difference when it comes to foot health.

5. Joint Pain and Muscle Relief Cream
If joints within the feet are easily inflamed, a relief cream can make all the difference, even with pain in the knees and ankles. The cream is absorbed into the skin where it then penetrates the muscle, and temporarily soothes the pain. It can even assist with arthritis.

6. Foot Exfoliation Socks

A great way to improve the damaged skin that comes with continuous dancing is by using foot exfoliation socks. These are designed with an exfoliation gel that works to remove dead skin cells. Simply slip the sock on for about an hour, remove, and rinse with warm water. For an even more relaxing process, follow the exfoliation with a warm foot bath. This will repair the skin as well as the muscles.

Dancing is a passion that often involves pain, but that is no reason to give it up. Take the proper precautions when it comes to foot repair and that passion can live on for years to come.

Image Source: Pixabay