12 Tips on How to Care for Your Dance Shoes

How to Care for Your Dance Shoes
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A dancer who needs to perform at the professional level and an individual who pursues dancing as a hobby need to preserve a few things. The dancewear and the shoes are probably the most important things that a dancer has to maintain.

While most of you take good care of your dancewear, the dance shoes don’t get as much attention. But you must not forget that these dancing shoes are among your essentials since they yield great protection and support for your performance.

Every dancer needs a few unique items that suit her style of dancing. Likewise, the dancing shoes may even vary depending on the needs of the dancer. That’s why you must acquire more knowledge on the various ways of storing, repairing, wearing and cleaning of your dance shoes.


  1. Store your dance shoes at a cool and dry place. Fibers get damaged much faster when you the shoes are kept in the damp.
  2. Consider keeping your dance shoes inside a plastic bag. Shoes start smelling once they begin sweating and showing signs of decay. You must allow the shoes to breathe in fresh air.


  1. Do your research and find out the right materials if you want to try and fix them on your own. Taking a few precautions may help you in the future even if they don’t seem to be convenient right now. For example, you may consider using wood glue while repairing the screws of your tap shoe. Adhesives like the superglue will eventually crack with time.


  1. Don’t be harsh while putting your dancing shoes on. How you put them on or remove them will leave an impact on the life span of the toe paws.
  2. You must wear clothes that match your dancing shoes. You mustn’t wear a shoe with a sharp point with a vanhojentanssimekko. You may choose to wear tights with a pair of Pointe shoes. Also, check out the opportunities for using socks or toe paws whenever the need arises. The growth of bacteria gets prevented when you combine tap shoes with socks. Consider checking out a plethora of clothing and accessories at JJ’s House.
  3. You can meet with a few severe consequences when you perform with broken dancing shoes. Your feet can suffer a hairline fracture when you dance in broken Pointe shoes.

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  1. You can use the washer for washing your ballet shoes and other canvas shoes. It would help in keeping them clean and protecting the surface for long.
  2. Cleaning suede-bottom shoes with the help of a shoe brush can assist in preventing accumulation of dirt and protecting the texture.
  3. The ballroom shoes and other patent shoes can be treated with silicone oil. You may even consider polishing them for preventing much of the sticking and cracking.
  4. Use melamine foam for removing dirt from your tap shoes, jazz and other types of leather shoes.
  5. Canvas shoes often shrink when you place them in the dryer right after washing. Avoid doing this.
  6. You mustn’t try your dance shoes beyond the studio. Apart from getting dirty, the soles of these shoes may be damaged. The dance shoes don’t come with the necessary support for you to wear it as a street shoe. Also, your teacher won’t allow you to carry dirt from outside within the studio.

These are a few useful tips to protect your dance shoes from dirt and keep them in shape. You may follow these tips depending on the make and texture of your dance shoes.

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