Frank Miller's Crown Dressing Shoe Polish Vintage

My brother recently found an antique Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing Shoe Polish bottle (shown below) that dates back to the late 1800’s.

Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing from New York bottle.

Click here to read the story behind it’s discovery (and what it’s worth today).  The following ad for Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing was published in Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine back in 1891. Source.

Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing ad – published in the Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, 1891

Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing for Ladies’ and Children’s Boots and Shoes – Invaluable for restoring to their original beauty and finish Ladies’ and Children’s Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Traveling Bags, and all leather goods. Unlike the ordinary dressings, it does not contain anything to rot or destroy the leather, but give a beautiful finish, Preserves the leather, making it very handsome while making it soft and pliable. BE SURE and ask for Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing.

Couldn’t they use this shoe polish on men’s shoes?!